Some Tips For Vietnam Trekking Tour


Trekking is an interesting way of traveling to most people. In Vietnam, this has been more and more popular. Then, we will share with you some useful tips to have a wonderful Vietnam trekking tour.

Trekking is more and more popular in Vietnam

Some notes when trekking in Vietnam

Keep the distance each other when traveling to be able to support each other in case of an incident. Should not be separated alone, especially when crossing streams or abysses.

When stopping, do not remove your backpack and use it as a backrest.

Drink moderately and do not drink too much since it can lead to fatigue and sweat out much.

Any open skin (such as the hands, neck, face) and another part of clothing such as the collar, the cuff should be applied anti-mosquito cream to help you stay away from the stinging insects and mosquitoes when moving.

When walking through the forest, you need to strongly step on foot to avoid slipping.

Carving a stick to do “Truong Son stick”. This stick is very essential because it will save you the time slip and make sure to move

Breakfast should be the most important meal that provides energy for the whole day. At lunch, you can eat bread and dry food.

Along the way, if drinking water mixed with orezol, only a bottle of 0.5 liters is okay.

You should camp before 4 pm when the forest begins to darken. Should camp next to the water. Food for dinner must be prepared in advance, in addition, you can also burn a large fire and maintain the fire all night to keep warm as well as keep away from the beast.

You can walk about 12km to 15km on an average day.

Make the proper plan for the trip, and calculate the traveling distance to be reasonable with your strength and prevent dangerous situations.

Preview weather forecasts before trekking. Moreover, preparing a referral form if the trekking area is a border or protected area managed by specialized agencies.

Necessary skills before trekking to ensure safety

  • Do exercise to enhance your health

To have the best health conditions, you should spend a month before your departure training such as jog, inhale, swim to improve lung volume and muscle strength to be ready for the trekking. If trekking has a long road and elevation of over 5000m, you should spend at least three months before signing up for Vietnam travel guides.

The great feeling when you trek to the peak of a mountain

  • Abide by the traffic laws

 Although trekking is defined only by pedestrians, most of the moving is by motorbikes when taking Vietnam tours. Remember to get a helmet, a protective armor and necessary equipment for your trip. Moreover, you should remember to move carefully on the road and follow the team, do not go alone.

  • Cover yourself thoroughly to avoid dehydration

Don’t think that wandering in the forest is no need to have a coat! In the midst of unpredictable weather, wearing a protective jacket that is waterproof, sunscreen and harmful rays to keep you safe all long day is a must. Choose a thin, ventilated, waterproof and lightweight jacket that can cover your head and hands.

  • Carry on dry food to reduce weight

 It is imperative that you should dry your food like vegetables, meat, or grains so that you can reduce weight which you would bring during the trip. It also provides enough nutrition for you.


Bring dry food when trekking

  • Preparing essential items

Finally, there is the necessary equipment for a journey. To list the items you need to carry such as food, water, positioning, lighting, fire and tools (knives, maces, etc.). Then, you have to rearrange appropriately all of them which is deeply essential for your trip. Each trip is different, so there is no need to carry too many unnecessary things for a simple or short day trip that may cause you more obstacles than usefulness.

Last but not least, you should search on the Internet some places that are suitable for you to trek depending on the different season. For example, at this time (May and June), you can trek Ta Nang – Phan Dung, which is dubbed as the most beautiful place to trek in Vietnam. Coming here, you can admire the spectacular beauty of nature with picturesque villages, grassy green fields is “burning”, coffee plantation and so on.


Ta Nang – Phan Dung, the most beautiful destination for trekking in Vietnam

Hope with these useful tips, you will have a wonderful experience in the Vietnam trekking tour in the future.

Discovering Tam Hai village, Quang Nam Province


Separated from the town, the untouched island of Tam Hai is an ideal place to and experience the simple life of the people. Tam Hai island located in Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam, 40 km from Tam Ky city, is a pristine and peaceful place. Since being a fresco village in early July, this place attracts more and more visitors. Vietnam private tours today introduce you this interesting island.

Tam Hai is isolated from other parts of the area by the separated Truong Giang River. To get to the island, visitors have to take the ferry from Tam Quang village. Each ferry to the island is free and only charge the return ticket from the island. One ticket for pedestrians is 2,000 VND, with an additional 3,000 VND for a motorbike.

Get ideas from Tam Thanh fresco village (Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province), approximately during three weeks, about 25 architectural students from the University of Technology – Da Nang University turned many houses, banks old, monotonous fence of people in Tam Hai island commune (Nui Thanh district) into vivid murals, brilliant colors. This place is supposed to be a destination for best Vietnam tours.




A child with fresco

This is one of the volunteer summer activities of the students of Architecture Faculty – Da Nang University of Technology. With the support of the painters, the authorities and local people, the students of Da Nang have spent their own money to eat and paint to help the poor village change to new clothes.



The fresco paintings help the poor village on the side of Ban Than rock – where is known as “Ly Son of Quang Nam” more attractive to travelers. Since the frescoes, in recent days, the number of tourists coming to Tam Hai commune is increasing day by day, the income of people from tourism have been improved significantly.


Ban Than Rock

Tam Hai is separated from the mainland, 3 sides are surrounded by the green Truong Giang river. Residents on the island are very simple and friendly. Their daily life is largely guaranteed by the fishing and trading of marine products. The socio-economic situation in this area has not developed as in the mainland, road infrastructure is not much traffic. There are no bridges; therefore, Tam Hai is still quite primitive although very near a modern city. The only way to get to Tam Hai is to take a ferry or small boat of the people. Tam Hai has a place for private tours in Vietnam where not much people know about.

Coconut trees grow thickly on the sand, creating a unique beauty of the sea. Come here, you will be welcomed by the hospitable people of the island with specialty coconut milk cool.


Coconut trees

Staying on the island one day, tourists can experience all the wonderful things that nature offered this land. Guests can book a room at 100,000 VND per night, watch the sunrise on the sea the next morning and experience fishing with the fishermen.

The people here mainly live on the sea, catching seafood, which picking “Rong Mo” is a new occupation with visitors from far away. The cultural life here has been passed down through generations and is still somewhere in the daily life of the people. The hospitality, friendliness, and enthusiasm have made many visitors who had come feel very difficult to leave. This made this island different from other Vietnam tours.


Daily life

Visitors can visit the market, or order fresh seafood that has just been caught by the fisherman, the price is affordable. In addition, dried seafood is also bought as a gift. Tam Hai market is located near the river and is quite small.


The market

Local market sells mainly seafood, squid, shrimp, crab, snails and so on. The prices are quite cheap compared to the outside, most will be purchased by tourists, the rest is provided to restaurants in the mainland. Come to Tam Hai market, there is one thing that visitors should not forget to have a look, is to enjoy the jelly made by locals themselves from seaweed picked in the area near the island. This kind of jelly has a very distinctive flavor.

Tam Hai has not developed tourism services, tourists mainly come to visit the fresco village, bathing and eating fresh seafood.

What are the top 5 must-see tourist attractions in Vietnam?


Summer is in the air and you still have no idea where to spend those endless days with your family and buddies? If you haven’t made up your mind which places to go yet, the list of 5 most alluring tourist attractions in Vietnam below is bound to be an excellent suggestion for your next summer vacation. Follow for closer insights.

 1.    Ha Long Bay 

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay (Source: Internet)

Location: Gulf of Tonkin, Quang Ninh Province

The very first choice you should take into consideration is Ha Long Bay, which is one of the most fascinating, scenic and popular tourist attractions in Vietnam. Perfectly located in northern Vietnam and covers extensive areas of more than 1,500sqkm, Ha Long Bay boasts up to 1,600 limestone islands and islets, giving it a UNESCO World Heritage Site title in 1994. This heavenly stop is also home to various kinds of limestone caves, such as karstic foot caves, phreatic caves, and marine notch caves. In addition, you can take part in interesting activities, including wildlife watching, cave exploring as well as kayaking around rocky outcrops. Come and give it a try!

2.    Imperial Citadel of Thang Long

Imperial Citadel of Thang Long

Imperial Citadel of Thang Long (Source: Internet)

Location: Quan Thanh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Well-deserved the world-acclaimed title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the famous Imperial Citadel of Thang Long is such a truly intriguing relic of Vietnam’s history in the way it signifies its historical and cultural importance. Besides, the symbolic central flag tower, which stands 40 meters high will definitely give you a lot of excitement. This Imperial Citadel was once the center of ancient Hanoi and served as the political center throughout 8 centuries. It nowadays houses the foundations of old places, quaint roads, relics, ponds, and wells. You must come to have the first-hand exploration of the whole Citadel as well as learn more about our local history here.

3.    Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An Ancient Town (Source: Internet)

Location: Hoi An Town, Quang Nam Province

Another stop that ranks top among famous tourist attractions in Vietnam is Hoi An Ancient Town. This tourist hub would never let you down with its breathtaking mix of wooden shop-houses, a Japanese designed bridge, ornate Chinese temples, French-colonial houses and old canals. Don’t forget to bring along a camera with you, since this will be good opportunities to capture some amazing moments you spent with your loved ones. A lot of old shops have been converted into modern ones to cater for tourists’ needs, including countless souvenir shops, tailors, art galleries, delicious restaurants, and cafes. 

4.    Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum

Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum

Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum (Source: Internet)

Location: 8 Hung Vuong, Dien Bien, Ba Dinh, Hanoi

Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum, a must-see place in Hanoi, is where the body of President Ho Chi Minh preserved. Built in 1973, Chi Minh's Mausoleum has its construction modeled on Lenin's Mausoleum in Russia. This architecture adds a lot to the rising number of visitors coming every year. 

5.    My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary (Source: Internet)

Location: Duy Tan Commune, Duy Xuyen District, Quang Nam Province

The last destination on the list you should never miss once visiting Vietnam is My Son Sanctuary. Located in the southern part of Vietnam, My Son Sanctuary is a great sample of the old Champa civilization, an ideal destination with plenty of excitements to discover, especially for archaeology lovers. The complex consists of more than 70 structures, which are all devoted to Hindu gods and goddesses, and the most outstanding one is Shiva, one of the principal deities of Hinduism and was considered as the protector of the Champa’s kings. Gather your friends, let’s go and discover. 

With 5 tourist attractions in Vietnam to choose from, Vietnamtravelreviews hopes that you will have an amazing experience and relaxing time with your family and friends after days of hard work. Pick one for yourself and don’t forget to share your feeling with us. 

Complete Guide To Travel Vietnam: What To Do? What To See?


Planning to visit Vietnam, yet not sure what to do and see in the country? Don’t worry; here is our complete travel guide that will help you gain the most memorable experiences when traveling to Vietnam. 

What to see in Vietnam?


Hanoi is home to numerous tourist attractions that you should visit once whenever visiting Vietnam. The weather in the capital city is diverse, beautiful, and quite pleasant all year round, which is ideal for every tourist to explore the entire city at any time. When in Hanoi, you will have the chance to visit a wide range of stunning places such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi’s Old Quarters, night markets, museums, and so on.

hanoi travel

Guom Lake in Hanoi (Source: Internet)

Halong Bay

This outstanding area, which is considered to be a spectacular seascape sculpted by nature, was recognized as a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site in 1994, Halong Bay is also one of the most beautiful destinations that you should visit. This bay features thousands of limestone islands and cliffs immerging from the turquoise sea.

Halong Bay

Halong Bay – a breathtaking landscape in Vietnam (Source: Internet)


Sapa is a popular Vietnamese destination well-known for adventurous treks, beautiful landscapes and amazing people from different ethnic minority groups. It is a perfect place for adventurous spirits or for those who are always seeking a better understanding of Vietnam’s ethnic culture. Besides, among the most appealing destinations in Vietnam, Sapa is also known for its favorable climate. Therefore, whichever season you pick to come will be expected to bring you full of joy and amazing surprises.


Beautiful Sapa on a sunny day (Source: Internet)

Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An Ancient Town, 100km south, down the coast, is regarded as Vietnam’s most atmospheric and historic town. The town is definitely a perfect place for those looking for something 'traditional' without the grime and grist. For those who love sea, sun and sand, Hoi An offers two lovely beaches which are only about five kilometres away from the town centre. Hoi An is also known for its great local food, friendly people and cosy atmosphere.

Hoi An Ancient Town

Japanese Bridge in Hoi An Ancient Town (Source: Internet)


Located in the south of Vietnam, Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City is considered to be the most bustling city of Vietnam. The city is well known for a number of stunning attractions and tasty street foods. Coming to the city, you will not want to miss out on places such as Ben Thanh Market, Notre Dame Cathedral, Cu Chi Tunnels, … Perhaps the biggest cultural draw in the city is the War Remnants Museum which comprises a range of different themed rooms, exhibiting photographic images, many artifacts, weapons & many other objects from the Vietnam & Indochina wars.

Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market in Saigon (Source: Internet)

What to do in Vietnam?

Vietnam sightseeing

As mentioned above, Vietnam has numerous appealing attractions that are definitely worth your visit. Therefore, Vietnam sightseeing is certainly among the must-try activities for every tourist. For those who need some detailed travel guide, booking private sightseeing tours at one of local travel companies is a good choice. If you prefer to explore Vietnam all alone, you can pick your favorite place and just jump right in.


Sapa trekking

Trekking in Sapa (Source: Internet)

Vietnam is known for excellent trekking and less strenuous walks. The most popular trekking, hiking types in Vietnam are forest trekking, mountain hiking, countryside walking, and rambling adventures.

There are several places in Vietnam that offer you enjoyable trekking/hiking tours such as Sapa, Halong  Bay, Ha Giang, Moc Chau, etc.

Water activities

Apart from trekking in the mountainous areas, for those who love the sea, there are a wide range of water activities on Vietnamese islands that you may find interesting such as rock–climbing, canyoning, kite surfing, swimming, sunbathing on sandy coast, exploring forests, water skiing, paragliding, kayaking, boat racing, scuba diving, and so on

Street food tours

Street food tours

Enjoy tasty local foods in Vietnam (Source: Internet)

Vietnam is not only known for breathtaking landscapes but also tasty cuisine. Vietnamese food is not only rich in proteins but also famous for its simplicity. Every day, thousands of foreigners come to Vietnam to experience its rich culture and exotic cuisine. If you are interested in exploring Vietnamese food culture, wandering around streets and enjoying local foods would be a nice idea.

Vietnam is filled with so many appealing destinations to visit and interesting activities to try. Read news from and pick your favorites.

Exploring Vietnam During Christmas Holiday

Hanoi -Xmas1505276690

Although there are not so many Christians in Vietnam, Christmas is still one of the most popular festivals in the country. Exploring Vietnam with vietnamtravelreviews during Christmas holiday may bring you some invaluable experiences.

Tourist attractions such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An, Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa are ideal places that you can visit during the holiday.

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

If you like a crowded, noisy place with a lot of colorful lights, Ho Chi Minh City is a good choice. Most major attractions are still opened for tourists on both 24th and 25th December: Ben Thanh market, War Remnants Museum, Central Post Office… In early December, roads in the city are elegantly decorated with lots of Christmas trees, reindeer, and Santa clause. In Ho Chi Minh, people like to go to the city center, where there is a Notre Dame Cathedral to celebrate Christmas Eve.

Saigon tour

Christmas Eve in Saigon (Source: Internet)


If you love to explore the city during Christmas time, Hanoi’s Old Quarters, Cathedral, Ham Long Church, Hoan Kiem Lake … are attractive destinations that should be on your must-visit list. At Christmas, there are many interesting activities such as taking photos with giant trees, Christmas Father, joining the crowds to experience Christmas night and enjoying amazing local foods. During the holiday, you will have the chance to witness a beautiful view of Christmas lights hung up on trees along busy roads, and on Christmas Eve young people often gather around the streets near St Joseph’s Cathedral and around Hoan Kiem Lake to enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the holiday with their friends or their lovers.

Hanoi tour

Hanoi with sparkling lights on streets at Christmas

Hoi An

Hoi An should be the next destination to explore during your Christmas holiday in Vietnam. On these days, Hoi An tends to become more bustling and lively. Like other cities in the country, Christmas Eve is considered to be more important that the whole Christmas day. Everything is open as usual. Some restaurants have special Christmas menus beside their usual ones. Spending Christmas in such gentle and peaceful place will make you remember forever.

Hoi An

A poetic Hoian on Christmas Eve


For those who are adventure lovers and would like to enjoy a freezing cold Christmas night, Sapa would be a good suggestion. During this time of the year, Sapa is usually covered with fog and snow. People in Sapa often celebrate Christmas at the most famous ancient stone church. Moreover, coming to Sapa in the time of Christmas, you will also have the opportunity to admire the poetic beauty of hills covered with white color of blossoms of different kinds.


People in Sapa are celebrating Christmas

Halong Bay

Besides Sapa, Ha Long bay is also considered as the most selected destination in the North during Christmas time. Visiting the stunning area during this time, you will have the chance to be sunk in sparkling lights, lively music and experience greatly romantic and sweet moments of wintertime. The best way to enjoy your Christmas Eve is to take an overnight cruise and enjoy the breath-taking views of the night with your friends.

Overnight cruise on Halong Bay

Overnight cruise on Halong Bay at Christmas

Traveling in Vietnam, especially during Christmas holiday, you will have the chance to explore every aspect of Vietnam in a unique way.

Getting around in Vietnam


Travelling to another country can bring out a lot of concerns. You have to be prepared in advance and everything should be put into consideration. Among things to worry about, there is one thing that’s quite important: how to travel around in the city.

In many cities, like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, the transportation system is quite developed and you can totally figure it out by yourself. However, it’s possible that you can get confused sometimes. Some clear instructions and small tips could save you a lot of time, energy and money. Let’s find out more about some Vietnamese vehicles and get the trip started with vietnamtravelreviews.

On foot

travel around on foot

Travel around on foot (Source: Internet)

Many tourists coming to Vietnam chose this type of travel around. It’s good for health, it’s a good way to discover the city and it’s economic. Or sometimes you just love walking. You can stop by wherever you want and take a lot of photos. On the other hand, it’s not the best idea to travel to far away. One more cons is that there are not so many spaces for walking and the pathway isn’t big enough. And crossing the streets? That’s a nightmare to almost every foreigners visiting Vietnam.


Travel by taxi

Travel around by taxi (Source: Internet)

I think I don’t need to talk much about this. This is quite the same as other countries. You can stand on the pathway and signal to get a cab. However, Vietnamese people usually called the hotline number of a taxi brand to get one. There are hundreds of taxi brands in Vietnam. The cost doesn’t vary much and it ranges from 0.5 to 1 dollar per kilometer. You might be familiar with the service of Grab or Uber. They now come to Vietnam and become very popular these days. This type of service offers a better price that could save you some money.

Motorbike taxi

Xe om in Vietnam

"Xe om" in Vietnam ( Source: Internet)

This kind of transportation may come from the fact that motorbike is the main vehicle in Vietnam. Not so many people own a car and motorbike is a more popular choice. The motorbike taxi in Vietnam is “xe ôm” which means literally “hugging motorbike”. It’s just an expression, saying that when you sit behind a motorbike driver you need to hug the driver for safety reason. You can find this type of service almost everywhere on the street with the sign “XE OM” hanging on the motorbike. The Grab is now providing a new service of Grab bike as well, so this could be more convenient than the traditional way.


Riding a motobike to travel around

Travel in Vietnam by motobike (Source: Internet)

Hiring a motorbike to ride for yourself isn’t a bad idea, especially if you’re trying to stay in Vietnam longer than a vacation. However, you have to get used to the crazy traffic around big cities. Remember the fear when you’re crossing the road. Well, this is worth 10 times your fear. So, if you’re a novice driver, this is not recommended. And remember that wearing helmets while riding a motorbike is now officially put into law in Vietnam since 2008.


Cyclo tour

Cyclo is a special vehicle in Vietnam (Source: Internet)

Cyclo is a special vehicle that is mostly exclusive in Vietnam. This vehicle has not only traditional but also cultural values. However, this is not a practical solution for getting around. It’s slow, expensive and mostly for sightseeing. If you want to enjoy a ride or leisurely watching the beauty of the city, then this is your choice.


Travel around by bus

Bus is the only public transportation (Source: Internet)

Vietnam hasn’t had yet a subway system and bus is the only public transportation here. The bus could be really crowded during rush hour due to the high demand and the facility usually doesn’t meet up the Western standard. However, it’s the cheapest way to get around and there are some buses running in main streets are really upgraded in quality and quantity. Free wifi is now even available. There are some long-distance buses with fixed destinations like malls and airports, like the express bus No 86 to Noi Bai Airport. So this could be really convenient.

There are several ways to get around in Vietnam. What you choose will depend on many factors: who’s you travel with, when you travel and where. Get prepared and have a safe and sound trip!

8 worth-visiting islands in Vietnam


Owning more than 4000 islands with different fascinating features, Vietnam has become an ideal country to visit for tourists from all over the world, especially those who are island-lovers. Let’s discover the list of top 8 worth-visiting islands in Vietnam!

1. Nam Du Island

Nam Du Island is renowned for providing guests with breathtaking views, which make the island’s nickname as “mini Ha Long Bay”. Local people on the island are really friendly, hospitable and keenly aware of environmental issues. That is the reason why Nam Du still remains its pristine characteristics.

  • Location: Kien Hai District, Kien Giang Province

Nam Du Island

Nam Du Island ( Source: Internet)

2. Con Dao

For people who love traveling, Con Dao is a must-visit island. Vietnamese are proud of the island because of not only its rich history but also its outstanding beauty. Coming to Con Dao, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in nature, wash out all the noise and bustle of working life.

  • Location: Con Dao District, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province

Con Dao Island

Con Dao Island (Source: Internet)

3. Phu Quoc Island

Known as a paradise island in Vietnam, Phu Quoc draws visitors by its stunning spaces of turquoise smooth sea, crystal clear water, lovely beaches and lush green trees. Phu Quoc is considered perfect destination for sea travel in Asia according to AsiaOne.

  • Location: Phu Quoc District, Kien Giang Province

Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island (Source: Internet)

4. Co To Island

Co To Island is a great place for recreational activities, especially in the summer. Water in Co To is so clear that you can see all marine flora and fauna on the sea bed. Moreover, there is a variety of attractive destinations like Hong Van beach, Cau My sedimentary rocks, the path of love…

  • Location: Co To District, Quang Ninh Province

Co To Island

Co To Island (Source: Internet)

5. Ly Son Island

Coming to Ly Son Island, you will have the chance to be a part of nature with blue sky reflecting on the water surface, green forests, infinite fields of garlic and onion … Highlights of Ly Son include Cau Cave, To Vo Gate, Duc Pagoda, Guanyin monument…

  • Location: Ly Son District, Quang Ngai Province

Ly Son Island

Ly Son Island ( Source: Internet)

6. Binh Ba Island

Once visiting Binh Ba Island, you will immediately fall in love with the dream-like sceneries of this destination. The island offers water in emerald color and white sandy beaches with lobster as the specialty which makes Binh Ba have another name as “Lobster Island”.

  • Location:  Cam Binh Commune, Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa Province

Binh Ba Island

Binh Ba Island (Source: Internet)

7. Ba Lua Archipelago

The most interesting thing in Ba Lua archipelago is that when the water is shallow, you can go on your own feet from islands to islands without any swimming supporters. Standing in a place surrounded by water on all sides will bring you the most memorable experiences.

  • Location: Son Hai Commune, Kien Luong District, Kien Giang Province

Ba Lua Archipelago

Ba Lua Archipelago (Source: Internet)

8. Cat Ba Island

With wholesome climate, Cat Ba Island is a good place for both relaxation and exploration. It owns magnificent beaches, scenic roads with views over the sea and lush primitive forests with rare animals like languor and Bald uakari.

  • Location: Cat Hai District, Hai Phong City

Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island (Source: Internet)

Above are 8 worth-visiting islands in Vietnam. If you have the chance to visit those beautiful places, vietnamtravelreviews hope you have the most unforgettable memories and don’t forget to share us your experience!

When Is The Best Time To Visit Vietnam


Despite being a year-round destination, the best time to visit Viet Nam is spring and autumn when the temperature is moderate and rainfall is low. Here is a list of Viet Nam weather splitted by regions:

The far north mountainous area

The climate there is divided into two seasons. The dry season runs from October to March, which provides warm weather and clear days, but bear in mind that the temperature can get freezing cold in December and January. The wet season is from April to September with July and August are the wettest months. The ideal time to visit any provinces in the region is March to April to avoid the bitter cold and heavy rainfall. The last time I was in Sapa, I did not do my homework and travel in July. There was at least 1 hour of rain every day and the trekking trails became very slippery and muddy. Sapa is beautiful in winter with white snow covers everything but there is one problem with it. Snow is rare in a tropical country like Viet Nam so there is definitely a crowd of wide-eyed local people flock to Sapa to see it.


A woman in the far north mountainous area (Source: Internet)

The north

Ha Noi and other provinces in the north enjoy distinct winter and summer season. Ha Noi summer lasts from May to September with the highest temperature reaching 38 degree Celsius. 38 degree is not a big number but remember that you are in a tropical country so this level of heat is harder to bear than in other regions. On top of that, Ha Noi is on its way to become a concrete jungle with more high-rise buildings and fewer trees so the real temperature you feel in the city can reach over 40 degree Celsius. Beware of heatstroke when in Ha Noi for the summer as plenty of local dwellers have suffered from it. Heavy rainfall is another serious problem in rainy season. As the drainage system is poor in the city, it is usually struck by flood and the next thing you know, you are swimming on the streets.

Hanoi in summer

Hanoi in summer (Source: Internet)

Central Viet Nam     

From January to August, the temperature can reach a peak at 30 degree Celsius in Hoi An, Hue, and Da Nang. In winter months, rainfall rises to its highest level and the region is threatened by typhoon. The climate in Hue and Hoi An can differ greatly since they are on two sides of a range of mountain. Due to the proximity to the south, the dry season in Quy Nhon is a little bit longer than the other province. Da Lat experiences rainfall from June to October so it is ideal to visit during November to May when the town is drier.


A beach in Central Vietnam (Source: Internet)

South Viet Nam

The temperature in the south usually remains constant year-round between 25 and 35 degree Celsius and the level of rainfall is the only difference between its dry and rainy season. From November to early May, it is slightly hotter and humid. The wet season runs from May to August with short lasting but heavy downpour in the afternoon. There are chances of flood in Sai Gon too in July and August when the rain is highest.

Sai Gon in rainy season

Sai Gon in rainy season (Source: Internet)

Con Dao and Phu Quoc are year-round destinations with several sunny days a year but heavy rain should be expected in wet season.

Best time to visit Viet Nam for those who are on a tight budget

If you are on a tight budget and looking for affordable flights and hotels, March, April, September, and October are the ideal time. In another word, avoiding the tourist season may bring you the best deals. Cheap flights to Viet Nam are available in other months too but accommodation and food can be exceedingly expensive on national holidays. Lunar New Year which lasts from late January to mid-February is to avoid due to extremely high demand on both local and international flights; the price of food and rooms usually rocket unless you are willing to pay to experience Viet Nam New Year.

With the complicated weather system varied by regions, it is hard to determine which the best time to visit Viet Nam is. However, the general rule from vietnamtravelreviews is to avoid the months of high rainfall and temperature.


How To Survive a Seemingly Never-Ending Flight To Or From Vietnam (Part 1)


This article is not for the fortunate folks who could afford to have plenty of space and top service on any plane; it is for the humble mass who would rather spend their hard-earned money on something else than having the comfort of their home for 8 hours. Thousands of travelers have survived the boredom and strenuousness on a non-stop flight to Vietnam, you can do it too, just keep in mind a few tips from, prepare well and you’re going be alright.

Choose either an aisle seat or a window seat

Flight to Vietnam

Window seat (Source: Internet)

I am sure that most of you have experienced the terror of sitting on the middle seat between some annoying seatmates and all you can do is to think repeatedly in your head: “Are we there yet?” However, that situation is avoidable if you follow the following steps:

1. Assign your seat when booking

You have to make up your mind about what you want before choosing your seat. A window seat is ideal for a good night sleep while an aisle one can give you all the freedom to move around.

When you’ve had a clear intention of where to sit on the airplane, it is now the time to book a ticket. If you do this online, look for a link that says something like pick my seat. Follow the link and click on either the aisle seat or the window seat. Avoid the back of the plane as well unless you want to take in the engine noise all the way to Vietnam. The same thing can be done if you book a flight over the phone, just ask the agents for a window seat or an aisle seat. You can choose your seat when you check in online if you fly with Vietnam airlines, you can do the same with those domestic flights. With other airlines, remember to make sure you can do so before making any kind of payment.

2. Assign your seat after booking

If there is no window or aisle seat available when you book, review your reservation regularly to see if any of these seats open up. If they do, click on the pick my seat link and reserve your desired seat.

3. Assign your seat when you check in at the airport.

Ask the agent at your check-in table if there is any window or aisle seat left. If you use one of those self-service kiosks, you should be able to do the same if these seats are available.

4. Last minute seat switching.

If you are way too late to choose a seat, just politely ask other passengers for a seat switch. You may or may not succeed but it is worth a try. If you are on a plane with people who do not speak your language, ask a flight attendant to translate for you.

Bring your own food

bring food on the flight

Nuts are an ideal choice for an in-flight snack (Source: Internet)

An even worse thing than ending up in the middle of a nagging baby and a snoring seatmate is feeling ravenous and having nothing to line your stomach. Some packets of nuts might be a good idea for an in-flight snack. Avoid anything that takes longer to digest such as meat, cream or something with starch. Taking in too much fat can cause your body to produce exceeded gas which will be a nuisance if you are in a confined plane.

Keep yourself hydrated

Dehydration on an airplane is commonplace since you are at a higher altitude and the moist content is also lower. To solve this, take as much water as you can and don’t be shy to ask for more if you feel thirsty.

Make sure all devices are fully charged

If you’ve arranged some sort of entertainment for yourself to kill the time, make sure the devices you would use are charged or bring a charger. Another option is to bring something to read as backup. Keep reading and you will find a list of good books to read on your way to Vietnam.

Bring something to protect your feet

Bring a pair of socks to keep you warm and comfortable

A comfy pair of socks can keep you warm and comfortable (Source: Internet)

Wearing a pair of shoes for 8 hours can be uncomfortable and make you hard to sleep. So why don’t bring a pair of soft socks to keep your feet warm put those shoes aside for a while?

To be continued


How To Survive a Seemingly Never-Ending Flight To Or From Vietnam (Part 2)


As the previous part, vietnamtravelreviews have introduced you some useful tips to survive a seemingly never-ending flight to Vietnam. Read this article to complete your knowledge.

List of good books to read on your way to Vietnam

Vietnam might be a world away from what you know back home so doing a little research before you set foot on the country would not hurt.

1. The beauty of humanity movement by Camilla Gibb

The beauty of humanity movement by Camilla Gibb (Source: Internet)

A story of a Vietnamese-American woman who is in search for the fate of her father in Hanoi – The capital of Vietnam.

2. Vietnam – Raising dragon by Bill Hayton

This book is ideal for those who want to gain some insights into the contemporary Vietnam. The book reveals the economic, social and political forces at work during the country through social change period.

3. Understanding Vietnam – by Neil L Jamieson

This book looks into the way Vietnamese people perceive the world, their culture and their side of the story on the Vietnam War.

4. Good morning Hanoi: a year on the airwaves in the new Vietnam.

The book tells the story of two Australian reporters who had immersed into the stimulating life in one of the most enchanting cities in Asia. They met and befriended with people who are extremely friendly, good-natured and willing to put the past behind.

5. The Man from Saigon' by Marti Leimbach

This book talks about relationship and love, but it is not some kind of soppy romance. You will find yourself immersed in the pain and sorrow of the war from a woman’s perspective.

6. Daughter of the River Huong by Uyen Nicole Duong

Travel to Vietnam

Daughter of the River Huong by Uyen Nicole Duong (Source: Internet)

A story spans for four generations that leads you to the depth of Vietnam history, the colonization, and the war.

Prepare for jet lag

Unless you are from a country with the same time zone with Vietnam, jet lag will happen and you might want to well-prepared when it comes. Book the flight that enables you to be in Vietnam during the day and spends at least 3 days before your flight to adjust to the new timeline. If you have to choose between stay up or well-rested to adjust, go for the latter as exhausting yourself would make the situation even worse.

Adjust your watch as well to get used to the new time zone. As soon as you get on the airplane, change your watch to Vietnam time and also alter your routine accordingly.

Eye mask, travel blanket and pillow are your new best friends

Travel Blanket

Travel blanket (Source: Internet)

They will keep you warm and comfortable for a sleep up there. International flights tend to be over-chilled so a blanket or a light jacket is a must. A neck pillow is essential too as it will protect your neck against the pain that usually comes with sleeping on an airplane seat.

Dress right

Remember, you are not going to a formal party or impress anyone, so dress light and loose. Those celebrities who dress up at the airport and get out of the plane looking fabulous have their own plane to yourself or at least are on the business class flight to Vietnam where they have all the comfort of their home.

Wear light makeup

Vietnam is a tropical country which means it will get bloody hot and humid; so women, please wear light makeup for your own sake or you have to endure the feeling of your sweat trying to break out from those clogged pores.

Make your own entertainment plan

Books, movies, and music are popular choices when it comes to airplane entertainment. It is highly recommended to start with a good book first when you are still fresh and focused. A movie might come after the book; choose the genre you like or your all-time favorite as 1 or 2 hours of a boring movie might be as exhausted as the long haul flight you are on. If you decide to have some music before sleep, avoid anything that has fast beats or yelling as they will make you hard to drift off.

We hope that the above tips might come in handy in keeping you comfortable in a flight to Vietnam. If you have any other useful tips, please share them with us below.