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10 reasons to visit Northern Vietnam in summer 2018 (part 2)


You might not have all the time in Vietnam, but it will be a regret if you miss Northern Vietnam on your Vietnam tours’ itinerary. Exciting atmosphere, vibrant scenes of colorful flowers, and great refreshing recipes in summer leave potential visitors shaking their heads in approval that it is the best time to travel to Northern Vietnam. Wherever you are in Northern Vietnam this summer, you will not be too far away from great excitement, and here are some of the best reasons to expect a tour to Northern Vietnam.

Great summer culinary retreats


Summer retreats

For a lot of adventurers who are also passionate about food, besides an amazing chance to come together and enjoy the beautiful outdoors of our country, one of the best things about a Northern Vietnam tour in this summer is that some awesome recipes to cool off in the best way possible. Even if you have come for phở (Vietnam’s national staple), bún chả, or bánh mì in years past, expect to see Northern Vietnam at its different food scene in summer.

The summer and its scorching heat are perfect for refreshing drinks and sweet soups, and there is one in every corner of Hanoi to suit every taste. Corn milk (sữa ngô), sugarcane juice (nước mía), douhua – soy milk (tào phớ), aloe vera green bean sweet porridge (chè đậu xanh nha đam), coconut ice-cream (kem dừa), coconut jelly (thạch dừa), white jelly cubes sweet porridge (chè khúc bạch), yogurt with fermented purple sticky rice (sữa chua nếp cẩm) are a good way to celebrate your summer trips or to enjoy a day or two of relaxation and indulgence.

Hanoi’s summer flower season


Charming summer flowers in Hanoi

The arrival of summer in Vietnam’s capital city is always signaled not by the date on the calendar, but by the first flamboyantly red phoenix flowers. Nothing says summer like the brilliant image of Hanoi’s summer flowers – the elegant white beauty of lily, the purple of Lagerstroemia, the yellow of blooming sunflowers, and the pure pink of lotuses. If your ideal summer in Vietnam involves flowers, then head to Hanoi, which is a mecca for flower lovers.

Hanoi’s café culture


Street coffee in Hanoi

The café culture in our capital is second to none. At the Old Quarter – the heart of both the social and culinary scenes in Hanoi, the popularity of pavement cafés is worldwide famous, and for good reasons. Let’s imagine now we are in the Old Quarter in a sidewalk café on a sunny Sunday morning, reading a book or flicking through the newspapers, watching the world go by or simply enjoying the alfresco atmosphere that the 1,000-year-old city beholds. Whether you are engaging in conversation over an aperitif or dining solo, it is sure to be among the finest common pleasures of Hanoi.

It is cheap even in high season

You go on Northern Vietnam tours to be entertained, whether it is taking photos of colorful flowers, spending a leisurely morning at one of the city’s many sidewalk cafés, or challenging yourself with beautiful terrain, pretty much everything you want is incredibly budget-friendly and waiting for you. Expect to get fantastic value for your money!

Bike-friendly destinations to explore on two wheels


Vietnam biking tour

The laid-back atmosphere and huge variety of fun outdoor activities and events make summer in Northern Vietnam a particularly fantastic time for families traveling with kids. Does your family love exploring on bikes? A Northern Vietnam trip with kids will definitely be a good fun for the whole family! What can be more magical and overwhelming than navigating the streets of Hanoi, the treacherous paths in Sapa, or the immense green tea plantation in Moc Chau on two wheels?

If you realistically have the funds and vacation days to make one epic trip happen this summer 2018. Do not worry about the influx of tourists going in this high season. What you really want to know is Northern Vietnam’s summer appeals or the reasons why you should go on a tour to Northern Vietnam right now!

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