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3 outstanding day trips to Vietnam


Vietnam has been called a lot of things: charming, majestic, wild, peaceful, and great. It is all those and even more. Whether you are a first-time traveler or an experienced one, one of the best things to do in a city is escape for a while and explores a totally different image of Vietnam.

And for that, we have got you covered by selecting 3 outstanding day trips that only take a few hours from the popular things in the country’s major cities.

Hanoi foodie tour

Banh cuon

Bánh cuốn

Considered as the heart and soul of Vietnam, Hanoi is filled to the brim with gorgeous landscapes, historic beauty, local charm, and delectable foods. It has long been more of a destination than a stopover. However, if you have only 1 day in Hanoi, let’s go hungry!

When you travel to Vietnam, you would never have imagined that the food restaurants are everywhere serving some of the best street foods in the world. Sometimes you may find it hard to find the best local eateries and avoid tourist traps. You might have heard about pho and bánh mì, but do you actually know where to go for the best of them? A Hanoi foodie tour gives you the best tips about where you should eat and which local dishes you should not miss, thus guarantees that you will be enjoying the best and most authentic dishes the city has to offer. Bánh cuốn (Vietnamese rolled rice cake) and a variety of grilled meat and veggies with bread for main course and freshly delicious mixed fruits and egg coffee for dessert, what can be much better?

A Hanoi foodie tour is able to capture the uniqueness of Vietnam’s capital city to a degree. If you are a foodie traveler, how can you go on a Vietnam tour to explore this 1,000-year-old city without eating local?

My Son at sunrise

My Son ruins at sunrise

My Son ruins at sunrise

Nestling in a narrow valley surrounded by mountains in Duy Phu Commune, Duy Xuyen District, Quang Nam Province, 40km from Hoi An City, this temple, tower complex of My Son Sanctuary is a masterpiece of ancient Cham architecture. It is My Son Sanctuary, which is home to 71 monuments and 32 epitaphs of the 225 Cham vestiges founded in Vietnam that puts the spiritual journeys on the pop culture radar.

If Hoi An puts on its most colorful dress by night, the charming red towers in My Son surely amaze you in the sunrise. An iconic bucket list trip like My Son Holy Site has a must-see sunrise spot waiting to grab you when you least expect it. Coming here at sunrise, expect to see everything bathed in the beautiful red glow. What an incredibly stunning sight!

Mekong Delta

When thinking about the Mekong Delta, an image of a flooded world of floating markets, orchards, rustic and rugged houses, paddy fields, swamplands, and mud-colored waters associated with noise, shouts, and tourist crowds are the first things to come to your mind. But in fact, this carpet of a dizzying variety of greens has much more to offer.

Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta

Whether you rent a boat and spend a great day in My Tho, go on a boat trip to at least 1 floating market in Can Tho, pay a visit to a local market in the early morning, explore the cajuput forests in Xeo Quyt Forest in Dong Thap Province, discover the historic site in the forgotten province of An Giang, or seek the conical-hatted farmers tending their land, a Vietnam day trip in the Mekong Delta is full of incredible surprises.

A Vietnam travel package in the Mekong Delta is such a sweet escape from the chaotic city!

If you are in need of a day to recharge, look no further than our 3 most outstanding day trips in Vietnam that only take a few hours from the country’s major cities. Impressive sanctuary, breathtaking mountain, and charming water world await you outside the city limits, so get ready to hop in the car or ride a motorbike to these places that offer a welcome change of scenery and activities.

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