5 fantastic places for your 2018 Vietnam group tours


Wondering where to travel in Vietnam with your family and friends? The following Vietnam group tours will show you some excellent suggestions.

1. Ha Giang

Peach blossoms white plum flowers

Peach blossoms white plum flowers

If you want to enjoy a chilly spring weather, taking Vietnam tours in Ha Giang Province will give you brand new experiences. Having stable climate conditions, Ha Giang will bring you the best feelings of the changing season in Tet Holidays.

The province is considered a border area of Vietnam capital with neglected, imposing, and poetic natural beauty. The place shows the most magnificent charm of nature, especially in spring. You will have a chance to see unique scenes of the Northwest region, such as white plum flowers and pink peach blossoms gardens.

Also, Hmong women wearing colorful traditional costumes appearing on white mustard flower fields will definitely surprise you. They are very friendly and hospitable as well. Feel free to talk to them if you want to have a deeper understanding of their daily life. And don’t forget to try some Ha Giang special food before leaving. You will never forget it.

2. Ha Long Bay

Rock islands

Rock islands

Looking from above, you will be impressed by the vigorous beauty of Halong Bay. In fact, it is exactly similar to a giant watercolors painting with thousands of rock islands. Some of them gather together and the others separate from one another, creating very artistic sketchy lines for the whole site.

If you choose Ha Long Bay for your holiday, it will not disappoint you. The sea water here is deep blue in all four seasons. In spring, looming in up-and-down tides and dim fog, rock islands seem to be even more mysterious and vaguer than usual.

When summer comes, the glow of dawn often slowly appears on the horizon. And rock islands start waking up after a long sleep and rising from the infinite ocean. There is nothing better than playing with the waves or sitting on a sailing vessel to see the rock islands. The vessel will take you to every corner of among those islands, which stand together like a maze. And its paths are opened whenever the vessel come close.

3. Quang Binh

Caves in Quang Binh

Caves in Quang Binh

In our opinion, whatever you need a group tour in Vietnam, you will find it in Quang Binh Province. The place has charming beaches for you to swim, imposing mountains for you to exploit, and mysterious natural scenes for you to discover.

Nhat Le Beach is the center one in Dong Hoi City, the metropolis of Quang Binh. Located on Nhat Le estuary, the beach still carries a neglected beauty with Colgate-white sand and clear blue sea water. Nhat Le River is also a famous landscape and historical site of the province. Its name means “glorious sunlight” and used to be mentioned in numerous poems and songs.

Another landscape which has been an exclusive trait of Quang Binh Province is the cave complex. Phong Nha Cave, Thien Duong Cave, and Son Doong Cave are some familiar destinations for tourists as well as adventurers. They were recognized as World Natural Heritage by UNESCO many years ago and you will be stunned when seeing their prettiness.

4. Danang

Dragon bridge

Dragon bridge

Danang is one of the most socially advanced and modern in Vietnam today. By implementing a great number of policies to attract both national and international travelers, the authorities have succeeded in making Danang “the most worth-living city in Vietnam.”

You will have an opportunity to visit countless popular places, such as Ba Na Hills, Marble Mountains, My Khe Beach, Han River, and Dragon Bridge. Particularly, standing on Dragon Bridge and watching fireworks will be one of the most remarkable memories if you visit the city this Tet Holiday.

Also, if you love France but have not afforded a trip yet, Ba Na Hills will satisfy you. The spot is just like a miniature of France, where classic architecture takes place. Visiting it will be an occasion for you to gaze upon hundreds of types of flowers blooming, wander in a fantasy world, and gently touch bobbing clouds right above your head.

If you want to have the best travel with your family, Danang will be a perfect destination.

5. Ho Chi Minh City

Flower market

Flower market

There is no place can be more appropriate than Ho Chi Minh City when you want to travel to Vietnam in Tet Holiday. If you love cultural diversity and want to see how the citizens celebrate their New Year, spending some days in Vietnam before New Year’s Eve will be a great choice. 

Your first impression about Tet Holiday here will probably be apricot blossoms. In Southern people’s mind, apricot blossoms bring fortunes and dispel bad lucks. Hence, seeing this type of flowers appear in almost every Saigon family’s house is nothing strange.

If you would love to contemplate the beauty of apricot or take pictures with it, don’t hesitate to spend a morning in flower markets. Furthermore, you should grab your chance to try traditional food, such as Tet Cakes, Pickled bean sprouts, and Bitter melon soup. Besides spectacular landscapes, food and drink are some other ways to discover the culture of a country as well as its regions.

And you will see that your Vietnam group tours bring you not only imposing landscapes but also knowledge about an entirely new part of the world. 

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