Vietnam tourist attractions review: Tips to have an amazing trip in Vietnam

With all rivers, mountains, street vendors, and crazy traffic, Vietnam impress its tourists with a wonderful, rustic and fascinating beauty throughout the country. Let’s have a look to see the best time and top must-see attractions in Vietnam

Top must-see attractions for your Vietnam itinerary

In spite of being a small country, Vietnam has become such a hit in Southeast Asia with tourists by hundreds and thousands of natural wonders, fantastic natural beauty, cultural complexities, dynamic cities, and hill-tribe villages. Each region impresses its visitors with different landscapes.

Xoan Singing – The cultural beauty of Xoan Festival in Phu Tho province

Read on to see one of the most noticeable UNESCO intangible cultural heritages in Vietnam, Xoan Singing for your Vietnam culture tour now!

Vietnam tours in February

Romantic destinations are usually in the forefront on a Vietnam tour during the month that contains Valentine's Day. But there is more to the shortest month of a year than passionate holidays. Whether you are looking for a warm and beach-y getaway, long-haul adventures, romantic Valentine’s breaks, or an entirely new and unique experience, you will find it all in Vietnam in February.

Differences in celebrating Tet in Northern and Southern Vietnam

It's almost Tet, and according to almost Vietnamese people, it is "the most wonderful time of the year."But, why is that? Because we decorate our houses with pink peach blossoms? Or, maybe because we eat thịt kho nước dừa (pork stewed in coconut milk)? Well, that is what tradition calls for in different regions in Vietnam.

Best places to visit in Vietnam that all Australians love (part 2)

What do you think of when Vietnam is mentioned? Ho Chi Minh President, Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup), and bánh mì (Vietnamese baguette)? Well yes, this S-shape land does have its fair share of them, but in fact, this beautiful country in Southeast Asia offers so much more than that!

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