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Bac Son Valley travel guide – Reason for a trip to Quynh Son Village


Vietnam is westernizing so rapidly, even frequent travelers may not recognize it when they return for a visit. Hanoi capital city and Ho Chi Minh City are fast-paced metropolises no different from, say London or Paris. But the several charming, small towns are still out there. You just need to know where to look for these peaceful untouched villages with unique architectural styles, peaceful atmosphere, picturesque natural landscapes, and lovely locals. Head to the rural areas of Quynh Son Village, Bac Son Valley, where life is slower and the old traditions die hard.

Why is Quynh Son Village a must-visit on your Bac Son tour?


Unique houses of Tay people

Over in Northern Vietnam not far from the center of Bac Son District, Lang Son Province lies Quynh Son Village – officially called Quynh Son Community-based tourism village. The ethnic village situated 100 miles northeast of Hanoi and 50 miles southeast of the Lang Son city center. Along the 1B National road would be the very first of many exceptional places that make the countryside in Northern Vietnam one of the most charming places on Earth.

Quynh Son Village in Bac Son Valley is where the farmers are noted for the rice paddy fields harmonious with the landscape of the forest. The rice paddy fields are spectacular and should be considered works of art. Sunrises and sunsets over the terraces are not to be missed. Viewing platforms allow you to get that perfect photo of the beautiful river running across the rice fields. Besides the rice terraces and the splendor of nature, the Tay minority group is known for their simple way of life.

A cultural enclave for the Tay Ethnic Minority living with long history and traditions, the town’s authentic culture is evident everywhere. It can be seen from its architecture – beautiful spacious wooden house on stilts known as “nhà sàn” – to its local food, Bac Son tangerine, five-color sticky rice, sausages, chicken cook with ginger, red remixed meat, and grilled fish spring rolls, etc. – which are typical for the Tay people in Northern Vietnam. The tranquil village is surrounded by vast and verdant grassland and framed with high mountain ridges, creating a scenic landscape. One of the best ways to explore it and the neighboring area is to experience Bac Son homestay.


Bac Son Valley

A night spent at a homestay in Bac Son will give you a chance to explore the unique cultural life of the Tay hill tribe and learn more about their local life. Then melodies, Tinh together with the local culinary specialties Black Chung cake, black steam sticky rice, sour bamboo shoots, and grilled catfish create an unforgettable night on your Bac Son tour.

What’s more? Swimming in streams, photographing, hiking, visiting Quynh Son village and local families, or even going camping are recommended things to do in the ancient village. For adventurous souls, walking its humble labyrinth of small streets to recognize that the row of newly built houses only takes a small portion of the valley, bicycling around to visit the villages of stilt houses, or reaching the northern side of the valley’s bottom after leaving behind the town and venturing into the fields along a path that crosses a river, or climbing to the summit of telephone-station Mountain for the panorama view is also not a bad idea.

Best time for photo opportunities in Quynh Son Village?


Best time to visit Bac Son Valley

If you visit this ancient village in summer (late July to early August), you can see Quynh Son Village, Bac Son Valley at its most colorful. These rice terraces changing its color from green to yellow makes it such a great time to visit for photographers.

The stunning 360-degree scenery of the cloud-covered Bac Son valley, mountains, villages with the unique houses looking like little castles among the limestone mountains, rivers, and ripening rice fields seen from the peak of Na Lay Mountain makes Bac Son a must-visit destination in Vietnam.

Reason for a trip to Quynh Son Village? It should be a night spent at Bac Son homestay!

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