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Best Vietnam group tours for budget travelers in 2018


If you think that the most desirable destinations for 2018 travel in Vietnam are only sun-soaked beaches and ski resorts, making them pricey for the budget travelers then you might have got a mistake.

There are a lot of Vietnam group tours, which are so reasonable that even if your dollars must be paid for airfare, your savings on foods and tourist attractions make up for it.

Hereunder is our pick of the most affordable Vietnam group tours to enjoy this year 2018.

Hanoi – Duong Lam Ancient Village & Cooking class (From $49 /person)

Duong Lam Ancient Village

Duong Lam Ancient Village

Do you want to truly absorb Hanoian’s unique culture? There is no better way than to experience what it is like to live as a local!

Hanoi’s chaotic traffic and bustling atmosphere can be so overwhelming that you might easily forget that the city’s greatest attraction is its sublime countryside. A 2-hour ride from the city center, Duong Lam is where you will find yourself using adjectives like “spectacular”, “quaint”, “charming”, “magnificent”, “lovely”, “postcard-like”, or “picturesque” is not enough.

You are not merely a tourist on this Hanoi – Ancient Village & Cooking tour; you also get the chance to be one with the locals in Duong Lam rural area – a purely agricultural village of the Northern Red River Delta where hundred-year-old houses have been preserved.

Hanoi foodie tour (From $25 /person)

Hanoi Foodie Tour

Hanoi Foodie Tour

The Vietnamese are obsessive foodies to the point of conflict; so Vietnamese food found in Saigon is different from authentic dishes you are served in Hanoi. If your definition of a perfect tour in Vietnam is a synonym to “authentic travel”, make sure to spend at least one full day exploring all the mouthwatering and authentic dishes that the charming capital city of Vietnam has to offer. Some must-try dishes in Hanoi are pho (Vietnamese national noodle soup), bánh mì (Vietnamese baguette), xôi (sticky rice), bún chả (vermicelli with grilled pork), and unbelievably delicious cà phê trứng (egg coffee) or refreshing treat named hoa quả dầm (mixed fruits).

Why should our Hanoi foodie tour be your best choice? As you will be taken to the places around the small streets of Hanoi center – which you may not find on your own. With a limited amount of time on your group tour in Vietnam, you should know well where to take your taste buds for a splurge! Today there is so much online information about Hanoi’s street food, top things to eat in Hanoi, and where to find them but not all of them is the most reliable.

While hopping from one establishment to another, besides the best tips about where you should eat and which local dishes you should not miss, you will also know more about the 1,000-year-old city’s history, its food, and other lifestyle trends. Tour with helloVietnam early in your visit and you will definitely know exactly where to go and what eateries to go back to in your next Vietnam group tours.

Mai Chau getaway – 2 days (From $130 /person)

Mai Chau getaway

Mai Chau getaway

If getting more bangs for your buck is your kind of vacation, it is wise to look beyond the big, popular resorts for affordability and to leave the cities behind to set foot on the idyllic rural region of Mai Chau, which is only 74.5 miles from Hanoi city center. Mai Chau Valley may not be heaven on earth, but it is almost!

Mai Chau is a place where you can find the most benefits as a foreign traveler. Expect to be warmly welcomed by local residents, trek along these emerald green paddies, enjoy a delicious homemade dinner with your host family, and discover the regional culture by meeting local people. You might not get the full experience of living in this scenic valley, but you will get a glimpse into the way things are and learn how it feels to be a real Vietnamese.

Don’t miss out on this amazing chance to discover a hidden gem in Northern Vietnam!

Whether you are a beach-lover, nature-lover, adventurous traveler, or a city-dweller dreaming of a bit of green, it is high time to start packing your bags since 2018 is shaping up to be an awesome year for budget travels in Vietnam. 

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