Break down the most misconceived myths about the World’s largest cave


Announced as the World’s largest natural cave, Sơn Đòong, a focal point of Quảng Bình tours in Vietnam has been open to explorers within a couple of years back. However, after the discovery of Sơn Đòong was put to light, some anti-fact conceptions went viral that might end many people’s dream of entering this natural heritage. As a part of the Vietnamese community, we are going to shut down all these rumors. Scroll down for details!


Sơn Đòong Cave

Availability of Sơn Đòong subscription list is closed until 2020.

Oxalis is the only tour operator authorized to operate adventure packages into Sơn Đòong. Some were totally misled by a rumor confirming the list of participants exploring the cave closed until 2020. However, according to Oxalis, this Quảng Bình adventure tour is still available for those interested.


Sơn Đòong – World’s largest cave

Tourists are requested to submit their booking long beforehand and stick around for nearly a year

Apparently, Sơn Đòong is open to tourists from January to August each year, yet booking form is available all year round. Visitors are free to submit their booking based on their own planned schedule and availability. Hence, you may reserve your turn at the moment yet get to wait within several months to kick start.

Severe and serious pre-tour physical checkup must be completed

As confirmed by various Sơn Đòong experts, Sơn Đòong tour is totally manageable without demanding for much toughness. If you are a fan of trekking or simply accustomed to adventurous outdoor activities, this tour is absolutely a piece of cake. Only some specific steps at the entrance or spaces crossing the walls will require specialized safety equipment.


A whole hidden World

Partakers must be a skillful swimmer

Sơn Đoòng explorers are not demanded to be capable of swimming as the water level at some specific segments only reaches a height of an adult’ knees. At the camping site, those who fancy a swim here would be handed a safety jacket and requested to move within the surveillant area.


Camping site

Visitors are required to carry their own luggage throughout the trip

Bottled water, camera, and personal belongings are those you must pack yourself. Camping items, safety tools, food and other essentials are taken cared of by provided porters.


Exploring the cave is for everyone

$3.000 is the final price paid

$3000 is the minimum amount of money costing each tourist. This includes 10% as value-added tax, which is also known as VAT in Vietnam. Other than that, $600 is paid for sightseeing and environment protection fees applied that should be handed to the Board of Management at Phong Nha – Kẻ Bàng National Park.

Every Sơn Đòong tour accommodates 10 guests as a capacity limit. This regulation was announced as a part of safety and preservation acts. Each group of 10 will depart alongside with 22 porters, 5 supportive safety assistants, a tour leader, a British cave expert, 2 chefs and a local forest warden.


Safety essentials are all provided

Apart from those fees listed above, your payment would include drop-off and pick-up service, accommodation, on-tour food, and beverage as well as insurance coverage.

At the moment, as one of the best tours in Vietnam, a trip into the World’s largest natural grotto in Quảng Bình is sized down from a 6-day-5-night excursion down to 4 days and 3 nights. In addition, the number of participants joining would also be lifted double.



Sơn Đòong was spotted at random by a native peasant named Hồ Khanh back in the year 1991 during the time he was looking for a shelter on a rainy day. 2006 marked the milestone when the British Cave Research Association joint hand to officially discovered the cave. Until now, Sơn Đòong is recorded to be the biggest natural cave on the planet Earth. Signing up for a Vietnam tailor-made tour to Quảng Bình and claim the best trip in your lifetime with Sơn Đòong.

A Quảng Bình tour will walk you through a list of very few of the most magnificent caves all over Vietnam. With the presence of Sơn Đòong, it is going to be the greatest memory for all nature lovers.

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