Destinations for a Vietnam couple tour


Couples always want to have a sweet time together. Vietnam couple tours must be a great opportunity for people who are in love have time to understand their partner and make unforgettable memories.

Spending time with your partner in Vietnam couple tours might be one of the greatest experiences in your life. Believe it or not, there are many beautiful places in Vietnam that you do not want to miss. This is the best places in Vietnam for the couple as well as the ideal destination for honeymoon in Vietnam.

1. Hanoi

Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter

36 streets have become the familiar destination of people in Hanoi. However, not many people can discover the romantic beauty of the ancient corner in Hanoi. With beautiful French architecture, the old towns have become a frequent access point for couples who live and work in the capital. Let's imagine, what will be more romantic than the time when a couple holds hands tightly and walk through all the alleyways of the old town. Together they will explore the old houses, enjoy the delicious street food. It is no doubt that Hanoi Old Quarter is the ideal place to hold your beautiful memories.

West Lake

One of the most romantic destinations in Hanoi must be West Lake. Spacious, airy and far away from the bustle of the city is the luscious elements that make up the charm of West Lake. Surrounding by cafes, pubs, restaurants, this is the place that couple really love to have. West Lake also owns a romantic "Korean wharf" – a place that attracts many young people to check-in as well as having a date. With the road covered with leaf fall, two roadsides have forever green trees, Korean wharf was dubbed the "romantic love road" in Hanoi.

2. Da Nang

Love Bridge

Love Bridge

Love Bridge – romantic scenery to enjoy honeymoon in Da Nang

Where to go when traveling to Da Nang? Love Bridge located on Tran Hung Dao, Son Tra, Da Nang. This bridge is built to serve as a marina for tourists to watch the Han River. With the cool air, romantic scene, couples coming here in the evening will enjoy the sweet moments with the red lanterns flashing heart-shaped.

The bridge is about 6m wide, 68m long, heading towards the middle of Han river. As a result, there are many stops for tourists to admire the beauty of the river. The bridge is designed and built based on ideas from famous love bridge in the world. Here, you and your partner can buy yourself a pair of keys, write your name on it and attach them to the bridge of love. This is also a destination where couples and young people come to take pictures. In addition, Love Bridge is also an ideal fireworks display in Da Nang on the occasion of Tet holidays or international fireworks display.

Dragon Bridge – romantic fire bridge in Da Nang

Dragon Bridge is one of the places to enjoy a romantic honeymoon in Da Nang and will bring a memorable experience for visiting the most venerable city of Vietnam. In addition to the famous bridges such as Han River Bridge, Dragon Bridge is also very popular with tourists because this bridge can fire, which is considered to be very impressive and unique. Crossing the beautiful Han River, the bridge is designed prominently with the image of the strong and broad dragon. The special attraction for tourists is the Dragon Bridge that can spray the water and fire. However, bridges are only fire extinguishers, sprinklers on weekends or major holidays of the year. The duration of the fire spray is 21 hours. After that, the water will begin to spray. If you come to visit the Han River in the evening, please wait for the moment fire bridges and enjoy the sweet moment with your lover.

3. Ho Chi Minh city

PANDORA Sky Lounge

PANDORA Sky Lounge

Cafe / Restaurant in the skyscraper

If you are so bored with the bustling scene of downtown Saigon and want to "run" away from that atmosphere, the cafes in the skyscraper in Saigon are worth a try. These cafes are located on the high so the wind is cool and the air is extremely cool, can see the whole city shimmering at night. There is a point to note that the cost of dating in these places is quite expensive (about 500,000 VND or more).

Rooftop Pool Bar

Have you ever imagined lying down beside the cool water, next to your favorite drink? Or look at the lovers are playing under the water, we enjoy the cafe by the lake? Or simply watch the flow of water, quiet and mineral so that we can drop the soul along the water, swept away all the tiredness, sadness, reflection of life. If you want to enjoy the sunset at the highest infinity pool in Saigon, then Hotel Des Arts Saigon is the place. Located on the 24th floor of the building, Hotel Des Arts Saigon has an overlooking view through the center of Saigon city. However, the swimming pool is open only for guests staying at the hotel. No swimming pool is available for guests outside the hotel. Or you can choose Cafe Cardinal that is housed inside the Time Square building decorated in a luxurious Royal style. Outside is a small swimming pool with a variety of seats to create the most comfortable for guests. 

The above is the wonderful place on a tour for couple in Vietnam. You sure will have the best time with your partner there. Give it a try.

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