Discovering Tam Hai village, Quang Nam Province


Separated from the town, the untouched island of Tam Hai is an ideal place to and experience the simple life of the people. Tam Hai island located in Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam, 40 km from Tam Ky city, is a pristine and peaceful place. Since being a fresco village in early July, this place attracts more and more visitors. Vietnam private tours today introduce you this interesting island.

Tam Hai is isolated from other parts of the area by the separated Truong Giang River. To get to the island, visitors have to take the ferry from Tam Quang village. Each ferry to the island is free and only charge the return ticket from the island. One ticket for pedestrians is 2,000 VND, with an additional 3,000 VND for a motorbike.

Get ideas from Tam Thanh fresco village (Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province), approximately during three weeks, about 25 architectural students from the University of Technology – Da Nang University turned many houses, banks old, monotonous fence of people in Tam Hai island commune (Nui Thanh district) into vivid murals, brilliant colors. This place is supposed to be a destination for best Vietnam tours.




A child with fresco

This is one of the volunteer summer activities of the students of Architecture Faculty – Da Nang University of Technology. With the support of the painters, the authorities and local people, the students of Da Nang have spent their own money to eat and paint to help the poor village change to new clothes.



The fresco paintings help the poor village on the side of Ban Than rock – where is known as “Ly Son of Quang Nam” more attractive to travelers. Since the frescoes, in recent days, the number of tourists coming to Tam Hai commune is increasing day by day, the income of people from tourism have been improved significantly.


Ban Than Rock

Tam Hai is separated from the mainland, 3 sides are surrounded by the green Truong Giang river. Residents on the island are very simple and friendly. Their daily life is largely guaranteed by the fishing and trading of marine products. The socio-economic situation in this area has not developed as in the mainland, road infrastructure is not much traffic. There are no bridges; therefore, Tam Hai is still quite primitive although very near a modern city. The only way to get to Tam Hai is to take a ferry or small boat of the people. Tam Hai has a place for private tours in Vietnam where not much people know about.

Coconut trees grow thickly on the sand, creating a unique beauty of the sea. Come here, you will be welcomed by the hospitable people of the island with specialty coconut milk cool.


Coconut trees

Staying on the island one day, tourists can experience all the wonderful things that nature offered this land. Guests can book a room at 100,000 VND per night, watch the sunrise on the sea the next morning and experience fishing with the fishermen.

The people here mainly live on the sea, catching seafood, which picking “Rong Mo” is a new occupation with visitors from far away. The cultural life here has been passed down through generations and is still somewhere in the daily life of the people. The hospitality, friendliness, and enthusiasm have made many visitors who had come feel very difficult to leave. This made this island different from other Vietnam tours.


Daily life

Visitors can visit the market, or order fresh seafood that has just been caught by the fisherman, the price is affordable. In addition, dried seafood is also bought as a gift. Tam Hai market is located near the river and is quite small.


The market

Local market sells mainly seafood, squid, shrimp, crab, snails and so on. The prices are quite cheap compared to the outside, most will be purchased by tourists, the rest is provided to restaurants in the mainland. Come to Tam Hai market, there is one thing that visitors should not forget to have a look, is to enjoy the jelly made by locals themselves from seaweed picked in the area near the island. This kind of jelly has a very distinctive flavor.

Tam Hai has not developed tourism services, tourists mainly come to visit the fresco village, bathing and eating fresh seafood.

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