Explore Dong Xam silver craft village in Thai Binh


Thai Binh is a beautiful and peaceful province with immense rice fields, calming sea, charming rivers, and pretty villages, which attracts a lot of Vietnam tour operators to visit and explore. Visiting Thai Binh for a nice Vietnam tour, you shouldn’t miss exploring Dong Xam silver craft village – a lovely countryside with a wonderful traditional craft career.

1. Overview

Dong Xam silver craft village used to be called as Duong Tham village located on the right bank of Dong Giang River. According to the historical document, this village was founded in the late Tran Dynasty and early Ho Dynasty, in around 1400, over 600 years ago. Nowadays, this village is located in Hong Thai commune, Kien Xuong district, Thai Binh province.


[A traditional career]

The silver craft career of Dong Xam villagers has existed since the 15th century. As folk stories retell, a man from Chau Bao Lac, Cao Bang sailed a basket boat downriver to Tra Ly riverbank and propagated the silver craft career for villagers here. However, according to the historical record in the epitaph in the Temple of the Ancestor of silver craft career in Dong Xam, in 1428, Nguyen Kim Lau came here and taught the villagers here this career, established Phuc Loc guild, including the main guild and 7 branches with 7 classes of craftsmen. There were 149 people in many families, like Nguyen, Trieu, Tran, Dinh, Vu, Hoang, Ngo, Do, etc.


[A woman in Dong Xam village]

2. The beauty of Dong Xam Village

Located about 20km to the east of Thai Binh city center, Dong Xam silver craft village is placed nearby the calm and charming river of Dong Giang. Visiting this stunning and peaceful village on a healing trip with helloVietnam tour operator, you can hear the exciting sound when skillful craftsmen carve beautiful pictures on the silver items. This far-away sound makes Dong Xam more lively and happy. After the sound of the carving step, you will hear the sound of welding. Through the skillful hands of the villagers in Dong Sam, you will see, with full of admiration, many delicate patterns on beautiful craft works.

Craft-works-of Dong-Xam-helloVietnam

[Craft works of Dong Xam]

In the most prosperous period of time, craftsmen in Dong Xam went to other areas to spread this traditional career out all over the country. In the Nguyen Dynasty, craftsmen from Dong Xam came to Hue – the capital of Vietnam at that time – to carve the decorations of the palaces and jewelry for the royal family. In addition, Dong Xam villagers with many other craftsmen from Chau Khe and Dinh Cong founded Hang Bac Street in Hanoi.


[Dong Xam craftsman]

3. Silver craft career of Dong Xam

Like other high-grade craft careers like bronze casting, metallurgy, etc., the career of silver and gold jewelry brings the greatest income for goldsmith because it requires very complicated skills. Therefore, throughout hundreds of years, Dong Xam villagers have still been keeping their career secret. Nowadays, although those skills are not their sole skills of Dong Xam craftsmen, they still own some most sophisticated skills and artistry.


[Silver craft career in Dong Xam]

Through many ups and downs of many defending wars and the period of the centralized economy, this craft village has to deal with standstills and hardships. When it comes to the period of the market economy, it became better off. The craft works of Dong Xam attract customers by the sophisticated and skillful patterns.


[Skillful craftsman]

Recently, the strong point of Dong Xam is bronze products, especially, offering items like the cauldron, incensory, animals in the four supernatural creatures, including dragon, unicorn, tortoise, and Phoenix. Vietnam tour operators will bring you a wonderful culture tour to Dong Xam that let you explore not only the interesting traditional career of silver craft career of this village but also the beautiful traditional culture of Vietnam. Besides, they also make jewelry like necklaces, earrings, rings, brooches, cross, bangles, etc.


[Stern and harsh silver in Dong Xam]

Explore Dong Xam with a Vietnam local tour operator, you can see skillful craftsmen in Dong Xam making these items and also buy a ring, necklace or pair of earrings for your friends as a pretty present. This pretty village would give you the most exciting and memorable tour to a stunning and peaceful countryside of Vietnam.

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