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Getting around in Vietnam


Travelling to another country can bring out a lot of concerns. You have to be prepared in advance and everything should be put into consideration. Among things to worry about, there is one thing that’s quite important: how to travel around in the city.

In many cities, like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, the transportation system is quite developed and you can totally figure it out by yourself. However, it’s possible that you can get confused sometimes. Some clear instructions and small tips could save you a lot of time, energy and money. Let’s find out more about some Vietnamese vehicles and get the trip started with vietnamtravelreviews.

On foot

travel around on foot

Travel around on foot (Source: Internet)

Many tourists coming to Vietnam chose this type of travel around. It’s good for health, it’s a good way to discover the city and it’s economic. Or sometimes you just love walking. You can stop by wherever you want and take a lot of photos. On the other hand, it’s not the best idea to travel to far away. One more cons is that there are not so many spaces for walking and the pathway isn’t big enough. And crossing the streets? That’s a nightmare to almost every foreigners visiting Vietnam.


Travel by taxi

Travel around by taxi (Source: Internet)

I think I don’t need to talk much about this. This is quite the same as other countries. You can stand on the pathway and signal to get a cab. However, Vietnamese people usually called the hotline number of a taxi brand to get one. There are hundreds of taxi brands in Vietnam. The cost doesn’t vary much and it ranges from 0.5 to 1 dollar per kilometer. You might be familiar with the service of Grab or Uber. They now come to Vietnam and become very popular these days. This type of service offers a better price that could save you some money.

Motorbike taxi

Xe om in Vietnam

"Xe om" in Vietnam ( Source: Internet)

This kind of transportation may come from the fact that motorbike is the main vehicle in Vietnam. Not so many people own a car and motorbike is a more popular choice. The motorbike taxi in Vietnam is “xe ôm” which means literally “hugging motorbike”. It’s just an expression, saying that when you sit behind a motorbike driver you need to hug the driver for safety reason. You can find this type of service almost everywhere on the street with the sign “XE OM” hanging on the motorbike. The Grab is now providing a new service of Grab bike as well, so this could be more convenient than the traditional way.


Riding a motobike to travel around

Travel in Vietnam by motobike (Source: Internet)

Hiring a motorbike to ride for yourself isn’t a bad idea, especially if you’re trying to stay in Vietnam longer than a vacation. However, you have to get used to the crazy traffic around big cities. Remember the fear when you’re crossing the road. Well, this is worth 10 times your fear. So, if you’re a novice driver, this is not recommended. And remember that wearing helmets while riding a motorbike is now officially put into law in Vietnam since 2008.


Cyclo tour

Cyclo is a special vehicle in Vietnam (Source: Internet)

Cyclo is a special vehicle that is mostly exclusive in Vietnam. This vehicle has not only traditional but also cultural values. However, this is not a practical solution for getting around. It’s slow, expensive and mostly for sightseeing. If you want to enjoy a ride or leisurely watching the beauty of the city, then this is your choice.


Travel around by bus

Bus is the only public transportation (Source: Internet)

Vietnam hasn’t had yet a subway system and bus is the only public transportation here. The bus could be really crowded during rush hour due to the high demand and the facility usually doesn’t meet up the Western standard. However, it’s the cheapest way to get around and there are some buses running in main streets are really upgraded in quality and quantity. Free wifi is now even available. There are some long-distance buses with fixed destinations like malls and airports, like the express bus No 86 to Noi Bai Airport. So this could be really convenient.

There are several ways to get around in Vietnam. What you choose will depend on many factors: who’s you travel with, when you travel and where. Get prepared and have a safe and sound trip!

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