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Lac Village has long been a familiar name to many visitors because it is a popular tourist destination in Mai Chau. Rather than being a crowded or splendid place, Lac Village combines all the natural and friendly features to travelers once they arrive. One special thing about this mountainous place is the fact that it still preserves the stilt houses of the Thai ethnic people. Along the way to the village, you can see two beautiful green rice fields on both sides and scattered stilt houses. Indeed, by coming here you can feel the very exciting and wonderful atmosphere of Mai Chau.


The natural beauty of Lac Village

About 140 km away from Hanoi, Lac Village belongs to the mountainous district of Mai Chau, Hoa Binh. Lac Village is located in a green valley with scattered rice paddies along with rows of peaceful stilt houses. It is definitely a charming gift of nature to this beautiful land. Interestingly, here people still preserve the cultural identity of the white Thai ethnic people. The 5 Thai ethnic groups living in the Lac Village are Ha, Lo, Vi, Ma, Loc. In particular, until now, the village has survived for approximately 700 years.

Previously, the lives of local people only depended on the cultivation of rice, weaving, and brocade. However, recently, the hidden beauty of the Lac has been discovered so most people in the village are doing tourism as an additional income to support their lives. Since then, Lac Village has gradually become one of the key areas of Mai Chau tourism. Moreover, Lac Village tour is also the “highlight” on the tourism map of Vietnam, becoming one of the best tours in Vietnam.

In recent years, visitors to Mai Chau in Vietnam countryside tours are rapidly increasing. The way leading to the houses in the Lac Village has been improved in order to create the most comfortable conditions for travelers. Nevertheless, the houses on stilts in Lac Village today do not change too much, they still keep the unique tradition of this place.


Stilt houses on two sides

Besides, traveling to Lac Village, tourists not only are able to enjoy the traditional cuisine, but they also have a chance to participate in the local music performances of the village. Definitely, it will leave unforgettable memories in the hearts of visitors during their countryside tours in Vietnam. In addition to that, visitors also buy special souvenirs such as scarves, shirts, brocade wall decoration cloth, or hand strap and lovely wallets, etc.


Lovely souvenirs

Being one of the most popular tourist spots in Mai Chau, Lac Village is a place attracts visitors by both the rustic beauty of the mountains, the fields, and also the gentleness, hospitality of the local people here in the highlands. Thus, homestay – a form of tourism where visitors live in houses of local people is gradually preferred, especially by international tourists during their Vietnam countryside tours.

Lac Village is a convergence of many ethnic groups. Travel services and tourism products here are extremely diverse and professional. Currently, Lac Village has more than 20 spacious and airy homestays to meet the needs of tourists. When night falls, visitors will have an opportunity to sing with Thai people and take part in their traditional dance. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that Lac Village is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Mai Chau in particular and Vietnam in general.


Musical performance of Thai people

Especially, in any Vietnam tours for families, tourists undoubtedly cannot ignore the local specialties of this place. Here in Lac Village, some famous specialties are hill chickens, steamed stream fish, bitter bamboo shoots, sticky rice, etc. Their delicious flavors are unforgettable if you have ever tasted them once.

Taking part in Mai Chau tours in general and trips to Lac Village in particular, visitors will really have the memorable experiences with the gentle and honest ethnic people and their diverse culture. Besides, thanks to the charm of the natural landscape, Lac Village is certainly worthy to be a tourist highlight of Mai Chau tourism.

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