Trekking is an interesting way of traveling to most people. In Vietnam, this has been more and more popular. Then, we will share with you some useful tips to have a wonderful Vietnam trekking tour.

Trekking is more and more popular in Vietnam

Some notes when trekking in Vietnam

Keep the distance each other when traveling to be able to support each other in case of an incident. Should not be separated alone, especially when crossing streams or abysses.

When stopping, do not remove your backpack and use it as a backrest.

Drink moderately and do not drink too much since it can lead to fatigue and sweat out much.

Any open skin (such as the hands, neck, face) and another part of clothing such as the collar, the cuff should be applied anti-mosquito cream to help you stay away from the stinging insects and mosquitoes when moving.

When walking through the forest, you need to strongly step on foot to avoid slipping.

Carving a stick to do “Truong Son stick”. This stick is very essential because it will save you the time slip and make sure to move

Breakfast should be the most important meal that provides energy for the whole day. At lunch, you can eat bread and dry food.

Along the way, if drinking water mixed with orezol, only a bottle of 0.5 liters is okay.

You should camp before 4 pm when the forest begins to darken. Should camp next to the water. Food for dinner must be prepared in advance, in addition, you can also burn a large fire and maintain the fire all night to keep warm as well as keep away from the beast.

You can walk about 12km to 15km on an average day.

Make the proper plan for the trip, and calculate the traveling distance to be reasonable with your strength and prevent dangerous situations.

Preview weather forecasts before trekking. Moreover, preparing a referral form if the trekking area is a border or protected area managed by specialized agencies.

Necessary skills before trekking to ensure safety

  • Do exercise to enhance your health

To have the best health conditions, you should spend a month before your departure training such as jog, inhale, swim to improve lung volume and muscle strength to be ready for the trekking. If trekking has a long road and elevation of over 5000m, you should spend at least three months before signing up for Vietnam travel guides.

The great feeling when you trek to the peak of a mountain

  • Abide by the traffic laws

 Although trekking is defined only by pedestrians, most of the moving is by motorbikes when taking Vietnam tours. Remember to get a helmet, a protective armor and necessary equipment for your trip. Moreover, you should remember to move carefully on the road and follow the team, do not go alone.

  • Cover yourself thoroughly to avoid dehydration

Don’t think that wandering in the forest is no need to have a coat! In the midst of unpredictable weather, wearing a protective jacket that is waterproof, sunscreen and harmful rays to keep you safe all long day is a must. Choose a thin, ventilated, waterproof and lightweight jacket that can cover your head and hands.

  • Carry on dry food to reduce weight

 It is imperative that you should dry your food like vegetables, meat, or grains so that you can reduce weight which you would bring during the trip. It also provides enough nutrition for you.


Bring dry food when trekking

  • Preparing essential items

Finally, there is the necessary equipment for a journey. To list the items you need to carry such as food, water, positioning, lighting, fire and tools (knives, maces, etc.). Then, you have to rearrange appropriately all of them which is deeply essential for your trip. Each trip is different, so there is no need to carry too many unnecessary things for a simple or short day trip that may cause you more obstacles than usefulness.

Last but not least, you should search on the Internet some places that are suitable for you to trek depending on the different season. For example, at this time (May and June), you can trek Ta Nang – Phan Dung, which is dubbed as the most beautiful place to trek in Vietnam. Coming here, you can admire the spectacular beauty of nature with picturesque villages, grassy green fields is “burning”, coffee plantation and so on.


Ta Nang – Phan Dung, the most beautiful destination for trekking in Vietnam

Hope with these useful tips, you will have a wonderful experience in the Vietnam trekking tour in the future.

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