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These three Việt travel bloggers can be your next inspiration


With the massive expansion of social media in the past few ages, especially the birth of addictive channels like Facebook and Instagram, the need of traveling seems to be more obvious and triggered. Those who recently played a big role in lighting up the passion of Globetrotting are (of what we like to call) travel bloggers. Those who stunned their fans with breathtaking photos and creativeness. In this article, we are about to reveal three famous travel bloggers initially Vietnamese descendants, who may lead you to a whole new idea after your alternatives of essential Vietnam tour already reserved.


Việt travel bloggers you should follow

1. Lâm Nguyễn (Lamtom)

Lamtom’s actual birth name is Nguyễn Trúc Lâm, an outstanding travel blogger on Facebook and Instagram. With his beaten paths and gained experiences through various destinations on Earth, Lamtom would make you saying WOW with his own unique perspective and interesting hue choice. Lamtom’s Instagram is definitely a gallery hall where every passion of travel should at least visit once in their lifetime.


A peaceful corner

Written on his Facebook page, Lâm has tossed many tips on traveling through his own experiences. Accordingly, Lamtom has brought to his fans’ a colorful richness in knowledge, sense, and maturity.


Running to utopia

Several countries Lamtom has been passing through can be counted as France, Italy, Bhutan, Malaysia and the list goes on. By following his Instagram, you would surely infer various essential advice and ideas for your next big trip after the upcoming tour to Vietnam.


A stunning use of hues

2. Nam Nguyễn (tasteofthebear)

In addition to developing inspirational content for his own travel blog Tasteofthebear, Nam Nguyễn also triggers the love for moving of his fans by giving a huge collection of eye-catching Instagram photos. After having graduated from Hanoi Foreign Trade University, Nam Nguyễn moved on with his passion for Business Management at Fullerton University of California.


Born and raised in Hanoi, a capital of 4000-year culture packed with traditional values and a great capability of spreading inspiration and where most of the best tours in Vietnam depart, Nam Nguyễn has held in himself a big ability and fire for creativeness, an own artistic vibe as well as an exceptional prism.



For the time being, Nam Nguyễn is pursuing a current career as a food stylist in California. Given a good vision for art, the gained Marketing proficiency during his previous years in Vietnam university and the collected expertise after ages of wandering off the Earth help Nam Nguyễn obtain a super captivating Instagram account. This Việt Instagram feed possibly capture your attention with his excellent images that showcase the corners of life, mankind, cuisine and a favored tone of preset A6 from a highly famed app VSCO. If you are surfing on the Web finding a Vietnam tour package from the US and get to jump into Nam Nguyễn Instagram wall, do not hesitate to spare some time and get some stunning ideas for your later use.


Black and White

3. Hoàng Tú Hương (Helena.hg)

Hoàng Tú Hương is a young native Vietnamese travel blogger born in the year 1992. She is popular in the field under her brand as Helena. Hương Hoàng could definitely be your next favorite jam with her tempting and story-telling photographs.


Her panorama

Helena has totally visited 23 nations for the past few ages including 53 cities, in which Chefchaouen, a dream-like all blue colored city in a Northern African country Morocco is revealed to be her most painstaking trip to arrive.


A lovely corner Helena captured

Are you a fan of bright-scene photography and loving to follow on a creative frame without a monochromatic scheme? If yes, then you would find Helena’s Instagram an astounding thing to observe daily. She is such a unique person that does not seem to try framing her photos in one stiff and boring way. Hence, scrolling up and down on her Insta feed, you would be left amazed at such an outstanding purity and serenity.

Each of the three trails bloggers above bears a significant makeover in their own photos as well as writing styles. Such diversity will be able to satisfy your aspiration of photography and traveling in different sections of time. Follow them right away and you may come up with new alternatives for your essential Vietnam tour.

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