Top 5 Vietnam unique tours


One of the best way to experience our unique Vietnamese culture, outstanding landscapes as well as hospitable locals is to book and embark on an organized tour as a rewarding gift after days of hard work. The tourism industry in Vietnam has been growing fast and each tour offers foreigners a chance to learn unique and interesting things from local residents.

The list below compiles the 5 most unique tours in Vietnam.

1. Vietnam Walking Food Tour

The original taste of Hoi An food tour (Hoi An, Vietnam)

Hoi An food tour

Hoi An’s food is all amazing! (Source: Internet)

Run by an Australian expat Neville Dean, this amazing food tour is not only fun and impeccably organized but it is also fortunate enough to be favorably located in Hoi An, a walkable quaint old town with such an extensive range of scrumptious foods and drinks. You could hardly resist the temptation to taste some of the most excellent street food delicacies here, at the same time embrace the charming beauty and unique styles that nowhere else in the world other than Hoi An could offer you. Enjoy!

2. Vietnam Bicycle Tour

Vietnam bike tours (throughout Vietnam)

Bicycle tour

Biking is always an amazing experience (Source: Internet)

Generally speaking, Vietnam bike tours is a top experienced tour in Vietnam, and they have tours throughout the country on offer. Based on your own travel schedule, you can customize your own tour for flexibility and if there is anything goes wrong, there is a van following to check on you, so don’t worry. Join the tour right away to awaken your cycling passion and take in some of the most stunning views in our S-shaped country of Vietnam.

3. Vietnam photograph tour

Moment Lives (Northen Vietnam)

Halong Bay

Swimming at Halong Bay (Source: Internet)

Moment Lives operates solely in Northen Vietnam, offering its travelers unique and off-the-beaten-track experiences. For Photoholics, there is definitely nothing greater than embarking on this tour, going to different places, immersing into a different culture and capturing some of their most wonderful moments in life. This small-scaled tour only offers tour during designated times of the year and from the philanthropic standpoint, Moment Lives donated part of their proceeds to a local charity to benefit the region where it operates.

4.    Vietnam Free Tour

Hanoi Kids (Hanoi, Vietnam)

Hanoi Kids

Members of Hanoi Kids (Source: Internet)

Another suggestion adding to the list of unique Vietnam tours is Hanoi Kids, a widely-acclaimed volunteer organization in Vietnam. The young and talented volunteers in this club are all very enthusiastic regarding teaching foreigners about their home city and Vietnamese culture. The tour is led for free and any money that people wish to donate to the tour goes directly to supporting the organization. In addition, members are given ample opportunities to connect and build camaraderie.

5.    Vietnam Cave Tour

Oxalis Tours (Phong Nha Ke Bang, Vietnam) 

Son Doong Cave

Your discovering Son Doong Cave is truely rewarding (Source: Internet)

Vietnam is home to the recently-discovered Son Doong Cave, the largest cave in the world. Oxalis is the only tour company permitted to lead expeditions to the cave and there is a limitation to the number of people visiting the cave each year. Although this one-of-a-kind tour comes at a very hefty price, but trust me, the wonderful and fantastic experience it brings is absolutely well-worth your money and time. Besides, there are also other cave tours available, such as Phong Nha Ke Bang national park, Huong Tich cave, to name but a few. Grab your pack and let’s go discover!

These are the top 5 must-visit unique tours in Vietnam. Hopefully, vietnamtravelreviews have given you a closer insight into your coming vacation in Vietnam.





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