Tourist sites recommended for group tours in Vietnam at Dong Hoi


Quang Binh is well known as the good destination for tourists not only for Vietnamese but also foreigners with the beauty of nature and human. As usual, Quang Binh is so famous with Phong Nha National Park, which is listed on the world heritage list.

However, travel to the Central of Vietnam, this area also attacks tourists’ heart by other interesting sites that are pretty appropriate for friends and family that can give unforgettable group tours in Vietnam for you and your beloved people. This post may give you some useful suggestions, so let’s start it and make your itinerary becomes more perfect.

Nhat Le Beach

Far from the Dong Hoi city about 3 km, Nhat Le beach is favored by the God with its long and smooth white sand and clear blue beach able to see the bottom. This beach is still new for tourism, so the wild look is surviving. Coming to the beach, your family and friends can have a chance to gather to breathe the fresh air, release depressions of work and study in daily life, and even join group activities right on the beach such as riding bicycles, playing soccer, or even chasing each other in the cool winds.

Nhat Le Beach

Nhat Le Beach

When the sun goes down, the scene of the beach becomes noisier because of the fisherman’s sound starting a new working day, but it also lights up a sedentary look – a bright red of sunset reflecting on the beach, making people’s heart melted and thinking of one thing called home. Right at this time, you will miss your lovers and feel happy when you can see them live in front of you right at that moment. Not far from the beach, Mother Suot Statue stands on to remind Vietnamese of war crime before, to remember efforts and merit of Quang Binh Mothers who helped troops’ commuting on Nhat Le River.

Quang Phu Sand Hill

When you settle this site, you can see the huge hills of sand and experience the local culture. Unlike other sand hills in other tourist places, Quang Phu Sand Hill in Quang Binh has not been affected by environmental pollution or scenes redesigns, so it is really clear and smooth; some hills are even stretching to clean blue sea. These elements are too enough to create a unique appearance for an ideal scene. Taking part in this Vietnamese Central tour for groups, let’s challenge with your companions to climb up on the top of 100-meter hills and slide down by hiring thin plastic boards.

Quang Phu Sandy Hill

Quang Phu Sandy Hill

Not stopping from here, if you are interested in discovering cultures, you can visit Nhan Trach Commune to study the custom of fisherman such as Whale ceremony, dancing to pray more fishes, etc.  Besides, you may have a chance to taste prominent foods like fish sauces, products made from sea presents, etc.

Da Nhay Beach

Like Nhat Le, Da Nhay Beach is also a good recommendation for your family tours in Vietnam. The site is enchanted tourists by its pristine and rock population with strange shapes. Combining with the roughness of the rocks, the harmony of the clear blue sea has continually impressed the tourists. If you decide to visit here, Da Nhay Beach will never make you disappointed.

Rough Rocks in Da Nhay Beach

Rough rocks in Da Nhay beach

There are so many activities that you can play together with other trip members such as climbing the mountain or just walking in the poplar forests. The presence of these activities in your journey will make you and your members feel more connected and are closed when getting back to home. Furthermore, do not forget to taste the sweetness and purity of water in Coc Well, hiding under a big rock right on the beach.

Enjoy the beautiful places and joining various and dynamic activities, you do not come back without any photos with your dear friends and family members in these good Vietnamese group tours. The shoots of beautiful moments will remind members about the wonderful trip with each other and become a lively story whenever gathering.   

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