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Unique tours make foreigners engrossed when traveling to Vietnam


Even though they may sound “strange”, these below unique tours listed by vietnamtravelreviews will definitely not let you down once you take part in them.

Riding a boat and collecting trash on the Hoai River

As a tourist attraction in Vietnam, Hoi An and particularly – the Hoai River, is facing rising pollution at an alarming rate because a lot of visitors have thrown trash during their trips to these places. This tour, which encourages tourists to row a boat and pick up rubbish at the same time, has recently interested foreign visitors. It is a tour not only for relaxation but also environmental protection.

This unique tour starts from the Hoai River, Cam Thanh Commune to the Old Town with the total distance of 8km. It was first organized in this March and was held every Saturday by Hoi An Kayak Tour. There are about 10 – 20 people each tour, most of them are foreigners. 2 people will share the same kayak. The cost of this tour is 10 USD per person.

Foreigners in collecting trash tour in Hoai River

Foreigners in collecting trash tour in Hoai River

When participating in this tour, tourists are guided to rowboats as well as use the tools to pick up the trash. At first, visitors seem so surprised at such this new kind of tourism. However, gradually, they feel very excited because they not only can see the beautiful ancient town of Hoi An and the romantic Hoai River but also partly contribute to conserving this heritage.

Becoming a real “fisherman” on Ha Long Bay

One of the top tourist destination in North Vietnam is Ha Long Bay. With numerous beautiful islands and caves, Ha Long Bay attracts a large number of visitors to Quang Ninh Province in general and Ha Long Bay, in particular, every year.

Besides the breathtaking scenery, the unique tours here are also the highlights that make visitors more excited, especially the experience tour as fishermen on Ha Long Bay. Visitors will be instructed all about fishing techniques, locations to cast a fishing net. Then, they must wear life jackets to ensure safety while taking this tour with local fishermen.

A fishing village on Halong Bay

A fishing village on Ha Long Bay

They will apply all knowledge they have learned to cast fishing nets in selected areas. Finally, they will net, remove fishes and enjoy the fresh fishes they just have caught. Many tourists are really good at tapping the boat or casting fishes out with a bat… This is an important stage, it usually takes more than 30 minutes for 2 rounds of fishes swimming around the net. Some foreigners even use dance music or funny tunes while catching fishes.

Sea walking under Nha Trang Beach

Sea walking is a new unique type of tourism in Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa). This service is currently being developed at Hon Tam Marine Resort, which is about 40 minutes by boat from Cau Da Port. It is suitable for all people at all age, from the elderly to the young, even those who do not know how to swim still can take a leisurely walk on the seabed. They will be wearing a special helmet and be accompanied by professional diving instructors to explore the seabed with plenty of fish swimming around and colorful coral reefs.

Sea walking under Nha Trang Beach

Sea walking under Nha Trang Beach

After being guided and getting used to the water pressure, tourists are able to enjoy their exciting adventure on the deep ocean floor barefoot. Picturesque images appear so continuously around them that they will not notice about the time until the instructor reminds.

Normally, a walk like that takes approximately 15 minutes. It is not too long but enough for tourists to enjoy the attractive scenery under Nha Trang Beach. Besides, visitors can also register for underwater photography to take “so cool” photos for their sea walking trip.

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