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Vietnam, top 3 tailor-made tours to remember


The S-shaped country of Vietnam has long been a hot tourist attraction for thousands of travel addicts. Stunning landscapes, historical sites, mountainous terraces, exquisite cuisine, adventurous activities and hospitable locals are all unique treasures that make Vietnam an out-of-this-world destination.

The list below names 3 of the best tailor-made tours with unrivaled experiences in Vietnam. Follow for closer insights.

Vietnam heritage tour

Ha Giang Province

Ha Giang Province (Source: Internet)

From US $1,502 per 9 days, ex flights

Joining Vietnam heritage tour from one of the top leading travel operators like helloVietnam, you will be given an opportunity to travel from North to the Central, stop at several key historical and cultural locations of Vietnam to sightsee and widen knowledge about local history. If you wish, you can easily extend your tour to include the Southern Vietnam or/and Cambodia and Laos.

Indochina tailor-made tour

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok – Thailand (Source: Internet)

From £3,290 to £4,690 per 21 days, ex flights

This spectacular adventure tour will take you to 4 very different nations in the Southeast region of Asia, including Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Your first few days of the tour will be your exploring Bangkok and the Golden Triangle under the guidance of amiable local guide. After Thailand, you will continue your journey heading to Laos and follow the Mekong River into the heaven-like land where time stands still. Here in Laos, the alluring beauty of Luang Prabang, Vientiane and the mysterious Plain of Jars will be showcased in front of your very eyes. Why not bring a camera with and capture some of the most magnificent moments with your loved ones amidst the wilderness endowed by Mother Nature? Flying onto Siem Reap, the later haft of your adventure will take you from exotic tropical beaches in Vietnam to ancient Khmer temples in Cambodia. A leisure cruise around Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay will complete your extraordinary experience.

Vietnam 10 day tour

Banh Mi Thit

Banh Mi Thit (Source: Internet)

From £995 per 10 days, ex flights

With this 10-day-tour, you will travel across Vietnam, through Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh city. What a chance to wander through famous, bustling, yet iconic streets of Hanoi with local guides, sample food delicacies and take in beautiful sights as you go. What’s more, getting stuck in down on a farm in Hue city and help the locals with their crops cultivating, a first-hand experience that many travelers could never forget. For something romantic, lanterns festival, as well as numerous ancient stops in Hoi An, would never let you down. Saigon will be your last stop of your tour, offering unique travel time on a vintage Vespa. Just get in and go seek out hidden food stalls inside the busy city of Saigon. Trust me, this foodie itinerary will really satisfy your hunger pang and the thirst for discovering the culinary world of Vietnam.

Above are the 3 unique tailor-made tours in Vietnam. Hopefully, this article from has somehow given you a closer look into your coming vacation in Vietnam. Go pack and let your journey begin.

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