Visit Lau Ong Hoang – a must-see destination in Mui Ne


Lau Ong Hoang is one of the most famous destinations in Mui Ne, which was mentioned many times in songs and stories of the poet Han Mac Tu. It’s also one of the must-see destinations in any Phan Thiet tours. This site has a lot of interesting attractions that would bring you a wonderful tour of Mui Ne.

1. Location & History

Lau Ong Hoang is located on the top of Ba Nai Hill in Phan Thiet. This is a highlight of southern Central Vietnam’s beautiful nature. This attractive structure is still preserving the classic beauty and a sense of peace and tranquility.


[Lau Ong Hoang in Phan Thiet]

In 1911, a French Duke of De Montpensier came to Vietnam for sightseeing. When he went hunting on the nearby hills, he found that Ba Nai is a beautiful and charming land, so he bought a plot of land to build Lau Ong Hoang as his own resort for the next vacations. After Montpensier’s visiting and negotiation, Ambassador Garnier who ruled Binh Thuan at that time agreed to sell Ba Nai Hill for him. After nearly a year of construction, this villa was completed. It was also the most modern villa in Binh Thuan at that time.

2. Attractions of Lau Ong Hoang

This villa has 13 fully-equipped rooms. At night, they used a generator to supply electricity for the villa. Under the ground of the villa, there are many basements which contain enough water for people in the villa to use for a year. In July 1917, De Montpensier sold it for a French hotelier named Prasetts. Later, Bao Dai King bought it.


[Lau Ong Hoang from distance]

Lau Ong Hoang has mountains, hills, river, sea, pagodas, and towers surrounding, making it a wonderful tourist destination for your Phan Thiet tours. Co Mountain – the most beautiful and well-known site, Ba Nai Hill, Phu Hai waterfront, and the stunning beach with ancient fishing villages located 7km to the northeast of Phan Thiet make Lau Ong Hoang an attractive tourist destination in Central Vietnam.

3. Interesting legends

This beautifully-designed villa was mentioned many times in songs, poems, and stories related to Han Mac Tu – a famous poet of Vietnam. This villa is the dating and moon watching place of Han Mac Tu and his lover named Mong Cam. And this site marked the moving and romantic love of them. However, in the resistance war against France, Lau Ong Hoang was destroyed and now, only the foundation and basement of the villa have been preserved.


[Lau Ong Hoang at dawn]

In addition, this site is also related to the historical resistance war of Hoang Hoa Tham. Here, the French built a booth system with many reinforced concrete blocks to control Phan Thiet town. Nowadays, everything here is almost unchanged without human intervention. It becomes a must-see destination you should visit and explore for an interesting Mui Ne culture tour.

4.  Lau Ong Hoang – an attractive destination

Lau Ong Hoang is one of a very few places where you can see the pink dawn when the sun rises on the sea, and stunning sunset when it disappears behind afar mountains. More excitingly, on moonlit nights, the moonlight makes everything look vaporous and fabulous in a thin layer of fog. This makes Lau Ong Hoang an ideal dating site for couples in love and romantic people to visit and enjoy a poetry Mui Ne Phan Thiet tour.


[View from Lau Ong Hoang]

Lau Ong Hoang is most widely known in 1995 when the total eclipse happened. After a night, it became extremely famous and popular, like a sleeping princess waken up after a long sleep. In October 24th, 1995, Phan Thiet attracted a lot of tourists, scientists from all over the world and Vietnamese visitors to come and witness this rare natural phenomenon as it was the place they could see the full eclipse most completely.

Beach-resort-near-Lau Ong-Hoang-helloVietnam

[Beach resort near Lau Ong Hoang]

After that, this site has become one of the most attractive tourist sites in Vietnam. It promotes the breakout of tourism in Phan Thiet with a lot of resorts built on the foot of Lau Ong Hoang, stretching to Mui Ne, through Ganh, to Hon Rom, making a more attractive sightseeing landscape for tourists. Coming here, you can join in many exciting activities such as windsurfing, wave surfing, paragliding, etc.

There are many other attractive things you can explore in Lau Ong Hoang. This stunning landscape will give you an interesting and memorable visiting in Mui Ne. Remember to drop in and explore this historical site in your Phan Thiet tours.

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