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Visit Trung Luong forging village in a Ha Tinh day tour


No one knows for sure how long the forging career in Trung Luong village has been existing. They only know this career has developed in this land for a very long time. Today, let’s visit and explore this village in your tailor-made private Vietnam tours.

1. History

As told in historic stories, the forefather of forging village in Trung Luong is Mr. Dung from Hong Linh Mountain. He found that people here didn’t have the tools for working, he digs the land to take iron, burn the wood to make charcoal for forging working tools for the villagers. Then, a lot of villagers came to learn to forge. He was willing to teach them. And his first students founded Trung Luong forging village. Afterward, the villagers built a temple and cast a statue to memorize his merits. The temple is placed right in the center of the village and called the Temple of Thanh Tho. Visiting this traditional village in a Vietnam tailor-made tour, you should come and visit this temple.


[Forging career in Trung Luong village]

According to another legend of Trung Luong people, there were two Truong brothers who work as blacksmiths came to Trung Luong live and work. Then, the older brother named Truong Nhu taught the villagers this career. And the younger brother came to the ancient capital of Hue and built up Hien Luong forging village. Take a Vietnam private tour to explore these two pretty villages and listen to many other interesting stories about these historic sites.


[The Communal House of Trung Luong]

2. Development of Trung Luong village

The blacksmiths in Trung Luong village is very excellent, from the past to now. When the nation faces the problems, they use their talents and skillful hands to help the country overcome the difficult time, contribute to saving the national independence. In the time of Can Vuong, the craftsman Co Duong and his students volunteered to move their forge to a remote mountainous area to forge the weapons like knife-shaped lance and swords for insurgent troops of Phan Din Phung. Co Duong and Cao Thang successfully manufactured the gun for the insurgent troops.


[A peaceful corner of the village]

In the anti-French resistance war, blacksmiths in Trung Luong village forged thousands of scimitars, swords, daggers, and manufactured over 2000 guns, tens of shrapnel for Vietnamese militia and troops. In the time of peace, they work hard to contribute to the development of the country. Nowadays, visiting Trung Luong forging village in a Vietnam day tour, you can realize the strong development of this village, especially its forging career. This village now is an important industrial zone of Ha Tinh province.

3. Products of Trung Luong village

Nowadays, Trung Luong village mainly produces farming tools for farmers like the plow, hammer, sickle, knife, etc. to contribute to the growth of Vietnamese agriculture. Moreover, recently, there are also some forging workshops that produce modern objects of the market economy like modern machine parts, coal furnace, etc. This makes the forging career in this village more diverse and well-known in Vietnam.


[A forging workshop in Trung Luong]

There are nearly 350 forges, 4 foundries, employing more than 1500 workers, not including people working in supporting sections and sellers. Over 60% of the population in Trung Luong are working related to this career. Blacksmiths in Trung Luong reported that they choose this job not only for earnings but they also want to preserve this traditional career of their ancestors. Every sound of the hammer knocking on anvil every early morning has become a part of their life. They are born in this sound and their ancestor passed away in this sound.


[Forging career in Trung Luong nowadays]

Every people in Trung Luong, especially the young men, know how to use a hammer, anvil, fire and an iron piece to make a knife. But, to become an excellent smith, it’s much harder more challenging. Besides the cleverness and passion for the job, they also need the creativity. Exploring Trung Luong village in your tailor-made private Vietnam tours, you will meet these hospitable, friendly, hard-working, and kind villagers, see them working, and listen to a lot of interesting legends about their village.


[Blacksmith in Trung Luong]

Trung Luong is a must-see destination in your cultural tour to Ha Tinh. Coming here, you can explore a traditional career with interesting stories of the foundation and development through ups and downs. In addition, you will also meet a friendly villager with a big passion for their job.

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