Where to have the best Vietnam tours in spring?


Spring is Vietnam is often the most wonderful season of a year. So, where to go to have the best time ever in this season. Follow vietnamtravelreviews on the following Vietnam tours to find out!

Ha Giang Province

Ha Giang flower field

Ha Giang flower field

Ha Giang is not a strange place for travelers anymore. A lot of national and international tourists have chosen it to be their destinations when traveling to Northern Vietnam. Each season in the province has its own impression. However, spring seems to be the most dreamlike one.

Somebody used to say that Ha Giang was the place where flowers grew from rocks. It sounds exaggerated but completely true. Ha Giang plateau, especially Sung La region, is full of rugged rocks. Thanks to the local, who tries to fill up little hallows among the rocks with dirt every day, flowers have a chance to bloom in spring.

From January to March, it is the time for peach blossoms, white plum flowers, and yellow mustard flowers. Ha Giang from above looks just like a giant multi-colored carpet, embellished by little villages. The beauty of the province lies in not only its flower field but also traditions and customs.

You will be delightful to join in spring festivals of the local here, such as Longevity wishing ceremony of Tay ethnic group, Buffalo Fighting Festival, Horse Fighting Festival, and Long Tong Festival.

Ninh Binh

Trang An Ninh Binh

Trang An Ninh Binh

If you wonder which season is the best to visit Ninh Binh, you have your answer. Although you can come to the province all year round, spring is still the most appropriate time. In February and March, the place has very nice weather, which is not too hot or too cold.

Moreover, you can combine sightseeing with visiting pagodas and praying for a good year. It is a remarkable cultural trait of the Vietnamese. Bai Dinh is the most famous pagoda in Ninh Binh and receives thousands of tourists as well as Buddhists every year.

In case you like to figure out the neglected attractiveness of the province, Trang An will be an excellent destination. It is a scenic complex where mountains, streams, and caves are all located. Therefore, you will travel mainly by boats.

Drifting through 12 caves, such as Light cave, Dark cave, Dia Linh, and Nau Ruou Cave, you will be able to see various historical marks left by ancient Vietnamese hundreds of years ago.

Yen Tu – Quang Ninh Province

Yen Tu Mountain

Yen Tu Mountain

Another must-see destination in Vietnam is Yen Tu Mountain. It is not only a natural reserve, recognized by the government but also a religious tourist spot. Located in Northeast region of Vietnam, Yen Tu has a large number of plants and animal species.

Some destinations of interest that you may like are Khe Su in Yen Tu Valley, Giai Oan Stream and Pagoda, and Truc Lam Buddhist Zen Monastery. Particularly, Giai Oan Stream, where hundreds of palace maids used to drown themselves to prove their loyalty, is very poetic in spring.

If you come here to participate in the bustling atmosphere of New Year, Yen Tu Buddist Festival will be just for you. It officially starts on February 2nd and lasts until the end of April. A lot of featured shows and rituals will be performed, which carries profound values and aims at memorizing the original point of the entire country.

Yen Tu will be full of flags, people wearing traditional costumes, and stunning music. Despite a little cold weather, you will love the jubilant atmosphere of the festivals there.


Hanoi peach blossoms

Hanoi peach blossoms

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and one of the places to have clear signs of spring. There are many reasons why you should visit Hanoi this time. Nice weather is one of them. If winter is cutting cold, summer is hot and muggy, and autumn is a little chilly, spring in Hanoi is the season of drizzling rain.

As a beginning of a New Year, drizzling rain is the start for all living plants and animals. Perhaps, that is why Hanoi has flower villages, often located in the suburbs. The most popular one is Tay Tuu Village, which annually provides over 250 million flowers to national and international markets. You will be able to see lots of purple violets, gladiolus flowers, or dahlias there.

Besides, if you don’t have time to take a look at flowers in the suburbs, chances to contemplate the spring atmosphere are still available. Peach blossoms, the traditional flowers of the Vietnamese in Tet holiday, can be found everywhere on the streets. Having them in your house means that spring has come to your daily life.

Hanoi in spring is charming thanks to the odor of flowers in the air, the laughter of united families, and the good prayers that people give each other in a New Year. Spring is just the best time to travel Vietnam.

Hesitate no more! Let’s book Vietnam tours and hit the road.

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